It’s not uncommon in a home sale that you’ll find yourself waiting within a considerable amount of time for the right buyer. Indeed, this can be frustrating on the part of the seller, and there are a lot of factors why a property doesn’t sell quick.

But worry not, there are things that you can do to sell your property without too much waiting. It’s simply a matter of putting yourself on the shoes of the buyer. In this case, before you put your house on sale, you need to ask yourself what most buyers look for in a property. So, for a little help, here’s a list of tips to sell your house quick.

Be a Neat Freak

Cleanliness is a sure thing that can attract potential buyers into buying a property. You can have an excellent home, but if there are too much mess and clutter in it, there’s a probability that it can ruin the home sale.

So, one excellent advice that you should follow is to make your house neat and clean. You can do a scrubbing on the floor, for instance, or have your hardwood resurfaced. Make your kitchen and bathroom counters sparkle. It will also attract buyers if you have a clean outdoor area, so make sure to clean out the garbage in it if there’s any.

Don’t Put the Pets in the Show

Not all people are pet lovers. So, if you think that letting your dog run around during the show day is alright, you better think again. Some buyers just don’t want a property that has a cat or dog smell in it. It’s also a no-no that the fur of your pet settles on every furniture piece and corner of your house.

So, if you have any pets at home, make sure that you get rid of all the evidence that you have a pet before you show your property to prospective buyers.

Enhance the Exterior

The exterior of the property is the one that will carry the first impression to potential buyers. If it appears that it’s not well taken care of by you, there’s a high chance that buyers might hesitate to knock on the door and see the property. So, spruce up the home’s exterior if you’re going to sell it.

You can display, for instance, plants and flowers in the front yard. Put on some stepping stones in it for aesthetic effect, or paint the fence to make it look interesting.

De-Personalize the Property

One excellent tip for home sellers to sell their property quick is to de-personalize it. If you fail to get rid of your personal stuff in the property, chances are potential buyers won’t imagine themselves living there.

So hide the personal collections, the family photos, and the proof of your children’s academic achievements in storage during the show day.

Offer a Reasonable Price

Even though your property is located in a perfect location or has an excellent exterior, potential buyers will think twice into buying it if you offer them an unreasonable price. Putting in the right price for the property, on the other hand, will enable you to sell it quick.

So before giving a price offer, you should see to it that you check around the area and compare the listing price of the properties similar to yours.  By doing it, you’ll have a better idea what price you should offer for your property. You can also consult experts in sites like Socalhomebuyers for some advice with regards to the pricing.


Putting your house on sale can be complicated. In fact, there are times that you’ll wait for a long time before a buyer will buy it. However, there are ways that you can do to have a successful home sale. You can follow the tips above for that purpose.