Avoid the trendsetters and create a timeless décor for your home

When it comes to decorating your home, it can be easy to choose styles, colours, prints and accessories that are ‘on trend’. However, while one or two of those currently fashionable items might stand the test of time, its safe to say that the majority of them won’t.

One way to avoid creating a style that could look dated in a year or two, is to instead opt for some classic design ideas that can provide the perfect base for some updated accessories and fabrics.

“Home decoration can be fun, but if you tend to opt for a style that’s trending, it’s unlikely to still look as impressive just a few short years down the line,” said Belgravia estate agent, Best Gapp. “Instead, you could choose more classic styles that will look good through the years with just a few easy updates.”

Create a simple, base style

This can revolve around a number of things, such as your favourite colours, some memorable items you’ve collected over the years and some excellent quality items. While it sounds like an eclectic mix, all these items and details are things you really like, have kept for a long time and are willing to spend money on.

It therefore stands to reason that if they reflect your personality and likes, that you’ll be able to put them together in a way that you love and will always enjoy.

Of course, if you have a love of prints, then a good way to incorporate that is through accessories and the fabric element of your home, rather than on everything that requires a decorative update. That way you can make changes easily and move your preferred items from room to room as the mood takes you.

“Creating a home décor style that’s all yours is one of the best ways to help your interior stand the test of style trends,” said LDG. “That way, even when trends change, your home will be a true reflection of your tastes which should make your décor more attractive to you and your family, for longer.”

Add and remove new trends to taste

Another benefit of creating a style that’s all you, is that when a design trend occurs that you love, you can accessorise with your favourites, without dating your style choices or losing the personal touch.

If you love the current vibrant fruit style that’s popular right now, great! You can pick up lots of lovely items to tie in with that and find the perfect spots in your home to show them off. Then, when you’ve had enough of them, you can remove them and replace them with the previous accessories or add a new one.

That way, you’re still updating your home décor, but keeping your own particular style.

“Accessorising in your home is a simple way of making changes to brighten and freshen up the look of your interior,” said Assetgrove. “By sticking with a tried and tested base (for your tastes) you can easily update your home interior without the worry that you could fall out of love with a major style change after you’ve changed your home from top to bottom.”