New York is a city of lights and adventures. The most wasting-money activity in New York is booking a hotel. Your New York trip will be more pleasant and comfortable if you could book a car beforehand from rental24h car rental jfk airport. As you can see, transportation is not a problem even for a budget tourist. But what about the hotels? Is it possible to find a cheap hotel or hostel here in order to make the budget of your New York car travel more flexible? Here are few tips about it!



How to find?

Ok, you have to pick the best variant now. There are 3 possible variants:

  1. Hotel;
  2. Separate room;
  3. Apartments of flat.

The most of the tourists pick hotels. You can use help of special apps and websites. It’s like using Rental24h for booking a car. You can similarly use any of popular apps to compare prices and book a hotel. Anyway, you cannot find a hotel suit cheaper than $40. Separate room is also possible. It is cheaper than the hotel price. What about the comfort and service? It depends on which variant you have picked. Often, you cannot find a good service in the separate rooms. From the other hand, it allows you to live in NY like locals do. There are many services that are helpful to find a good room.

Apartments is a big flat or even a house. This is a good variant for people who want to live independently. Of course, the price for apartments is higher than a standard hotel price in this region. But, again, this is the perfect variant for big traveling companies. Just count! Hiring apartments all together with friends is cheaper than 2 hotel suits.



Where to live?

You know that NY is a big city which is divided into different regions. Which is good for living? Manhattan is the most prestigious and expensive hotel to live in. This is also the most convenient place, close to all city attractions. Looking for a good place to live in NY you may find a lot of touristic advises to pick Manhattan to stay. As a rule, they operate such arguments as:

I can save money on transport as all attractions are close

I will live in the heart of NY

The truth is. Manhattan is a huge territory. Whenever you live here, you need transport, as all attractions are located in the same region but far from each other. What is more, you don’t need to buy a transport card as you have a car for transportation. The most of the hotels are concentrated in Manhattan.


There are more than 1000 hotels in Manhattan. They are mostly concentrated in the South part of the island. What about the prices?

The price in Manhattan for one night starts from $60 for a hostel and comes up to $180-250 for a hotel room. If you are not limited in budget, you can book a suite in 4-start hotel for $280-500 per night. Of course, there are luxury opportunities, but they cannot help you to save your budget.

The cheapest double suite in the hotel will cost you about $90. Of course, the service is not good here, but you may try Bowery Grand Hotel, or World Hotel. Looking for better conditions but still the cheapest prices you should pay attention to Hotel Mimosa. You will pay about $120 per night here. Its biggest advantage is comfortable location, you can easily get to any touristic attraction from here. One more variant is Four Points by Sheraton New York Downtown. The prices here are also affordable.

New York City



One of the best places to live in NY is Central Park District. This is rather expensive location that’s why you cannot find a price cheaper than $90 here. In general, the hotel prices in this area are 30% higher than in Manhattan. Pay attention to the Park Lane Hotel. The prices in this 5-start hotel are impressively low, about $130 per night. Try to book a suite here in advance as it is really difficult to find a free room. There is one alternative variant – Salisbury Hotel.


Brooklyn is busy city district. You cannot find a hotel here for $100 in 4-star hotel! All variants you can find here are expensive. The land in this region is also expensive. That’s why the prices are high. You cannot save money in Brooklyn. Nevertheless, you can find many interesting hotel proposals here.

New York - Skyline de Manhattan depuis Brooklyn



There are two variants to live for cheap:

  • Traveling in a big company;
  • Couch Surfing;

Traveling in a big company is funny and money-saving. Thus, you can rent a house for $130 per night and share this price for 4-5 people. There is nothing special in NY to share room or house. The first and the main, you have to count all available beds. So, the variant to spend no more than $20 per night and live in the center of NY is rather attractive! Couch surfing is a popular variant to stay in the house of locals for free. There are many online platforms where you can find the best proposal for your budget.