Leadership In Hollywood Studios

Managing a Studio business is not everybody’s cup of tea. The nitty-gritty of managing a studio business in Hollywood has taken a toll on many leaders. The top Studios and big names of Hollywood are in a state of turmoil with regards to senior management. Robert Simonds, the CEO and the founder of STX Entertainment has successfully managed to grow his firm and triple the valuation of STX and such has been the impact of his leadership that within three years of its inception STX filled for an IPO at Hong Kong stock exchange.

There is a lot to learn from Robert Simonds and his idea of business in Hollywood. Robert Simonds in Variety Magazine is a recognized face. Robert Simonds in Variety Magazine’s feature list has featured in top dealmakers in “Dealmakers Impact Report” and also featured in “Variety500: Entertainment Leaders and Icons” list. He conceptualized a new form for distribution and successfully managed to get STX acquire investment for top Equity Firms.

Robert Simonds imagined the partnership between US and China, the world’s two biggest entertainment markets. It has strategic partnerships with leading entertainment players to bridge the gap between distributors and producers with additional alliances around the globe to create and distribute creative content for a global audience. This is what works in a stagnant industry, innovation. Being creative with ways that have been going on for years.

There are certain other to do and not to do things while being in leadership of the movie business. These have been shared by many successful directors and producers of all time like Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg and also those who have experienced failure. Here we have compiled few tips.

Timings: The Movie (JFK) on the life John Kennedy was a big hit, precisely because of his popularity in the US as a successful president of all time. Whereas when we look at the cases of movies of George W Bush wasn’t a hit because his popularity in the US was only about 30 percent. So timing and research analysis behind a film and its forecast are essential instead of blindly taking up any project.

Management: Not necessarily everyone who is good at making movies must be good at managing or handling money. Companies need to segregate people based on expertise. The top leadership should always consist of people who have a wealth of experience in movies business and can manage things well.

Money: Why Pay A Dollar For A Bookmark? Why Not Use The Dollar For A Bookmark? Said Steven Spielberg. Optimum utilization of funds and resources is the key for many successful studios even while they go on to make significant budget movies.

These are the keys dos and don’ts in running the movie business as given by successful leaders. The key also lies in true collaboration with right people for making a movie successful and thriving in the movie business.