What Would A Car Accident Lawyer Do If They Were Involved In A Crash?

Any accident involving a motor vehicle can be a traumatic experience for all involved.

It can be especially traumatic if the accident happened at no fault of your own.

If you’ve been injured the damage to your vehicle may seem like the least of your worries.

Many things are probably running through your head at the time of the incident but what would a car accident lawyer do?

#1 Exchange Details

After any type of accident, regardless of who is at fault, it is always important to make sure you exchange details with the other party or parties involved.

It can be easy to slip your mind amidst all the chaos of the accident, but this will be needed further down the line and can save you a lot of time and effort.

#2 Take Photographs

It’s important to not only take photos of the damage to of your vehicle, but also of any other vehicles involved in the accident.

Even if you have a dashcam installed in your vehicle, still take photos at the scene, these may be needed if you proceed with a claim in the future.

If you’ve forgotten to take photos at the scene, make sure you take pictures of any damage to your vehicle as soon as you get home.

#3 Inform Your Insurance

When reporting the accident to your insurance they will require the details of the other party or parties involved so it’s important that you have exchanged details at the scene.

It is best to report this as soon as possible providing your insurance with your version of events.

They may advise you to obtain an accident replacement vehicle whilst repairs to your car are being completed.

#4 Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t feel as though you are injured directly after the car accident, it is always best to get checked out by a doctor.

Some injuries like whiplash can take a few days for symptoms to appear.

If you need to go for further check-ups, make sure you attend these, it’s the best way to ensure a speedy recovery.

Ensuring you’ve received the medical care and attention you need will support you further down the line should you decide to make a personal injury compensation claim as there will be a record of any treatment or medication you have received for your injuries.

#5 Seek Legal Advice

You may or may not decide to proceed with a compensation claim for your injuries but if the accident was not your fault you are more than entitled to. That’s what you pay insurance for.

Before you jump in and start a claim its best to seek legal advice to see what your chances are of a successful claim.

Most lawyers offer free initial advice without pressuring you into starting your claim.

#6 Find a Lawyer

If you’ve spoken to a car accident lawyer and decided to proceed with a claim for your injuries, you may decide to choose a different firm.

Fred Garner of Unlucky the compensation experts says, “Before starting your claim it’s important that you research your solicitor thoroughly to ensure they have the skills and expertise needed to give you the best outcome possible”.

It’s also wise to choose a lawyer that offers their services on a no win no fee basis, that way if you claim is not successful you won’t have to pay them a penny.


Car accidents can be terrifying and can affect you long term especially if you’ve been injured.

These injuries could stay with you for a few months or in more serious cases, the rest of your life.

Ensuring you have taken all the steps necessary at the time of the accident will help your insurance settle the claim faster but also support you if you decide to make a compensation claim.

It can be hard to remember everything with all the stress at the time of the accident but being prepared and knowing what to do can help you massively.