Symptoms, Causes and Treatments Of Faster Heart Rate

Do you feel your heart is beating faster than normal, and are worried about its health too? Generally, if your heart is beating at a rate higher than 100 beats per minute, it is not normal. But faster heart rate can result from a variety of reasons and not all of them create troubles for your heart health. For instance, run over a mile without stopping and you can easily feel your heart beating faster. But it is not harmful to your health as you will gain your normal state of being in a minute or two. Faster heart rates that result from reasons inside the heart are generally harmful. This includes a condition when its internal electrical system of blood pumping starts to function abnormally. In such situations, it is best to get the signs and symptoms of possible heart disease properly diagnosed and treated by heart specialists.

Possible Causes of Faster Heart Rate

The rate at which your heart beats can also vary as per external factors your body is exposed to. If you are highly stressed or are critically ill, you may also have a heart that is beating faster. Similarly, hormonal disturbances inside your body can also result in a faster heart rate. Here are common causes of faster heart rate:

  • Stress and depression
  • Severe pain in the head or other body parts
  • Hormonal disturbances
  • Sudden, external shock or fear

A basic fact about your heart everyone knows about is that it serves as the blood pumping organ of human body. But if your heart is ailing and cannot pump the amount of blood your body requires, it compensates its duty by increasing the pumping rate or the heartbeat rate. As someone on the receiving side, you can only feel the faster heart rate. But to know if the normal functioning of your heart has been impaired and to take good care of its health, it is best to visit one of the best heart surgeons in Delhi for complete heart checkup and treatment.

Common Symptoms That Result When Your Heart Beats Faster

A lot of people confirm that they do not feel any symptoms of higher heart rate unless diagnosed by a doctor or heart specialist. But there are also those who recognize some symptoms to be related to faster heart rates. If you or anyone in your family feels the following symptoms, you need to get the heart health diagnosed immediately:

How to Get Best Treatments for Faster Heart Rate

If you are willing to do all that is needed to keep your heart healthy, you need to ensure that it is not suffering from any underlying disease you do not know about. This will require a timely diagnosis of your heart to know its current health and possible health issues if any. Visiting an experience heart specialist will also give you the correct consultation on lifestyle changes to be made for improved heart health. Whether the cause of faster heart rate is the hormonal imbalance or some critical heart disease, the heart experts will diagnose that and start required medications as soon as possible. Also, you should keep in mind that you visit renowned heart specialists for best treatments. It is better to get potential heart diseases identified at the right time by experienced doctors than just delaying to get the required treatment.