Endometriosis affects the endometrial tissue on women. However, the problem could also affect our lungs and brain. Endometriosis is caused partially by menstrual hormones. Pain caused by endometriosis could happen during ovulation and other menstrual cycles. Common symptoms of endometriosis are irregular menstruation cycles, pelvic pain and more serious cases, infertility. If the endometrial tissue grows between the rectum and uterus; women may experience painful bowel movement and pain during sex. Some cases of endometriosis don’t exhibit symptoms and it can be discovered during checkups for other health conditions. There could be a link between autoimmune system and endometriosis. It is important to manage endometriosis whenever possible. As an example, natural progesterone can be used to reduce the effects of estrogen.

With natural progesterone, you should suffer from minimal side effects. Natural progesterone cream can be applied on various skin areas, such as abdomen, neck and face. Some natural progesterone capsules can also be inserted into the rectum or vagina, with the maximum dosage of 400mg. Some women experience good results by applying castor oil on their lower abdomen area, which could be used for massaging. Acupuncture should be quite idea for managing your pain and traditional Chinese herbal medicine could help people with endometriosis as well. Both methods can be combined to help you to restore the imbalanced underlying energy within your body. It is often believed that endometriosis can be caused by having too much estrogen.

It means that food that boost the production of estrogen could cause symptoms to emerge. If you are vulnerable to endometriosis, it is important to avoid dairy products, including the low-fat variant. We need to reduce the intake of bad fats and increase the intake of dietary fiber. Other than vitamin B complex, you should also get enough magnesium, which could help you relax your muscle. Nutrition should help you to manage pain. DLPA is a type of amino acid that can help you to improve your chronic pain condition, including the one caused by endometriosis. DLPA should be used consistently, until you get the wanted results. For some people, the result can be immediate, but for others, it may take time.

DLPA can be taken each day based on recommended or prescribed dosage, depending on your situation, until the pain can be completely relieved. After all the symptoms have been removed; you may need to have a maintenance dosage for a specified period of time. Essential fatty acids should be good enough to improve your condition. As an example, fish oil could provide with good amount of Omega 3, while evening primrose should provide you with enough Omega 6. When getting plant-based oil, you should make sure that it’s cold pressed. Chelated zinc should provide with some inflammatory effects on your knee joints. The substance should minimize the release of leukotriene and histamine, due to inflammation. With proper intake of vitamin E, the production of prostaglandins can be inhibited. Vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are also know for their anti-inflammatory capabilities.