Eating vegetables and fruit raw should provide you with a significant amount of benefits; but doing this could consume time. Juicing and drinking them should be more convenient and you can consume a large amount with only a few gulps. In general, juicing is a better way to process fruits and veggies. As an example, vitamin C and other water soluble vitamins can be easily damaged by high temperature. So, raw carrot should offer more vitamin V than a cooked one. Many people don’t have time munching a large quantity of raw carrot, so it is a good idea to juice it. Just like cooking, juicing should also break down the food fiber and it will be easier for our digestive system to process and absorb the nutrients. So, juicing should be ideal for people who are ill or have impaired digestion.

It should be easier for us to absorb nutrients from cooked carrots, then the raw ones. Carotenoids give carrot its orange, red and yellow colors. In general, carotenoids are potent antioxidants, which can help us to fight cancer and old age. By combining carrot and other vegetables, you should be able to improve well being, energy and natural health. It is possible for us to obtain vibrant life energy. As an example, a pound of juiced mixture of carrot and apples should be ideal for a healthy breakfast. Fresh juice should become an excellent supplement for our overall diet. Juices that are rich in antioxidants and other essential compounds could really help our effort to fight cancer and other serious illnesses. This includes our effort to get rid our body of pathological disruption.

In a way, you can consider cooked food as “dead” food. You should also avoid those “dead juices” boxes that already sit in supermarket chillers for months. Freshly-made juice should be consumed immediately, after it’s made. After drinking enough juices regularly, you will feel energetic and clear-headed. It is clear that if you want to have all the wonderful benefits of juices; you need to know what you should look for from juice. High speed juicers can effectively break down fibers, so our digestive system doesn’t need to work too hard.  If you want to get juicers that are widely available and affordable, then you should get centrifugal juicers. However, they only finely grate vegetables and fruits, without breaking up cell walls.

When we use centrifugal juicers, the pulp tends to oxidize quickly, more water and doesn’t seem to taste too good. The end result is often not too appetizing. As an alternative, you can also choose masticating juicers. If your budget is more flexible, they should be a better option. The juice is more flavourful and richer. The juice should have much more nutrient than the one from centrifugal juicer. The rugged cutters spin at about 1500 rpm, which will demolish apple, raw carrot and other harder fruits and vegetables with easy and speedily. Tough fibrous greens, such as wheatgrass can be juiced effectively as well. Good masticating juicers should be powerful enough to make homemade nut butters, which could provide you with healthy oil.