Tobacco cravings are something that you cannot get rid of quickly. It is something that you have built up over the years. Therefore, you cannot expect to quit your tobacco overnight. The only way to do this would be to gradually reduce the amount of tobacco you smoke. However, people are surprised when they find out it is not tobacco they crave, it is actually nicotine. 

Consider Nicotine Replacements

If you are looking for a nicotine replacement, you should always consult a doctor before you look for a substitute. There are many replacements out there that might have not had a sufficient amount of research. 

Nicotine replacements are a great way to get rid of your bad habits. They are there to help get rid of those nicotine cravings and that is exactly what you need. Furthermore, there are many types of nicotine replacements to help you stay away from those cravings. 

One of the most common nicotine replacements is e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes seem to be the safest option to steer you away from smoking tobacco and give you that craving you need. 

Try To Avoid Your Triggers

Smoking tends to be triggered by something. For some people, it could be going to a bar and drinking alcohol. For other people, it could be going for a smoke on their break. The key to quitting smoking is to resist those triggers and to do this you need to avoid them. If alcohol is the cause of your smoking, you need to cut down on your alcohol. Maybe even completely stop drinking for the time being.

If smoking at work is an issue for you, consider not taking your morning and afternoon breaks. That way, you are keeping yourself occupied whilst at work, doing what needs to be done instead of going outside and having a cigarette. 


Another great way to resist those tobacco cravings is by holding off for a period. If you are starting to get the urge to have a cigarette, put it off for 10-15 minutes. Say to yourself, have one at such a time. During this time, it gives your mind the chance to get distracted instead of thinking about that craving. 

Chew Instead

Chewing gum has been a good coping mechanism for many people who have a nicotine addiction. However, it doesn’t need to be chewing gum to solve these cravings. It can also be food. Why not have a snack instead such as a peanut butter sandwich or bagel? Maybe even nuts or fruit to take your mind off smoking. All of these are great for helping you reduce the nicotine cravings you have. 

To Conclude

Many people think they are addicted to tobacco when it is nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive drug that many people have the urge to smoke. However, if you find a substitute such as nicopods or even an e-cigarette, you will soon start to resist the urges you have, helping you quit smoking tobacco and go for healthier options.