London is one of the best cities in the world to visit and it is one of the easiest to visit, especially if you live in the United Kingdom. It is far less stressful than going overseas, and it requires less paperwork. All that is required when visiting London is good organisational skills. Here is the perfect travel guide to London in 2022.

Stick To Central London

One thing you will notice when you arrive is that it is a very big city. Even before you arrive, you will notice that there are a lot of different areas to visit. If you are visiting London, we advise you to stick to central London. If you think that you can visit everywhere in one weekend then you can think again.

There are many areas that you can visit in Central London such as Marylebone, Pimlico, Mayfair, and Kensington. Any area outside of that region is no longer Central London. You may think that Central London is expensive , but it is amazing. 

Avoid Bank Holidays and Summer Breaks

Bank holidays are the worst time to go to London. It is already a busy city anyways so you are making it worse for yourself if you visit during the bank or summer holidays. If you want to make the most of this city, the best time to visit it would be when the kids are back at school. 

Don’t Try To See Everything

Trying to see everything in one weekend will be impossible. As mentioned before, London is a big city so you want to try and stick to one area. Furthermore, even in Central London it will be tough to see everything in one weekend. 

For your London trip, we advise you to go for at least three full days. If you wish to see other areas around London then we would advise a week, as you will be spending most of your days travelling. Nonetheless, Central London has plenty to offer so spending a long weekend here should be more than enough. 

Find The Free Places To Visit

Choosing free places to visit is a great way to experience the city and save money. Furthermore, there are a lot of places you can visit which won’t cost you anything. If you like your history then London is for you as there are many museums to choose from. The British Museum, Tate Modern, Science Museum and Museum of London are all great to visit. Not to mention the many parks like Hyde Park which are scattered around the London area. 

To Conclude

London is one of the best places to visit when it comes to a city break. One thing that we must warn you about is that it is really busy, even on its quiet days London is very busy. Before you visit London, we would advise you to book everything such as your hotels and restaurants. We would also recommend that you pre-book your parking in the local area. Oxford street car park could be the perfect place to leave your vehicle whilst you go on a shopping spree on oxford street.