If you feel that you lack confidence in the gym, you’re in the right place! Whether you are new to the gym, are restarting after a while or you simply haven’t yet found your confidence in the gym, we are here to give you a few tips. Everyone has phases where they lose their confidence, but this will be temporary and you will soon feel like you belong! 


Plan Your Workout

Our first tip to help you gain confidence in the gym is to plan your workout in advance! When you are walking around the gym unsure what machine or section to use next, it can cause your confidence to waver. So, create a note on your phone with the exercises you want to do that session. If you know that the machine you want to use tends to be busy, perhaps plan an alternative exercise so you’re not left stuck for ideas when you’re there. 

To plan your workouts, head to YouTube and watch some videos for inspiration. There are also so many free guides out there for every kind of workout you could imagine, so you don’t need to pay for any really expensive guides or personal trainers if you don’t want to! 


Get Yourself A New Gym Outfit

When you are working out, although it isn’t everything, you want to feel good. Having a great gym outfit is about so much more than just how you look, as you want to feel supported and comfortable so nothing is holding you back. Plus, as with any great new outfit, you will naturally feel more confident when you’re wearing something you feel great in! 

So, start with great sports bras and a pair of leggings or shorts. Then, find tops that make you feel confident and comfortable. You can build so many outfits around one sports bra and a pair of leggings. You can expand your collection overtime, but start with one outfit and you’ll feel great. 


Find A Great Playlist

Another great thing you can do to gain confidence in the gym is to have a great playlist. If you get embarrassed or anything in the gym, music can be the perfect distraction to help you get into the zone and enjoy your workout. Plus, it can help to motivate you, improve your mood, help you to work harder and simply enjoy your workout more! 

Again, there are plenty of example playlists on all music platforms, or create your own mix of favourite songs! Different genres work for everyone in the gym, so take some time to see what you enjoy most and then go from there. 


Exercise With A Friend

If part of your lack of confidence is to do with working out on your own, then take a friend along with you to help build your confidence at the beginning! You can try new exercises, you might have more fun, you’re more likely to stick to your goals and you can learn more together. Working out with someone else isn’t for everyone, but for many people, it can be just what they need to get the confidence boost they’ve been looking for.