5 Streetwear Trends For Summer 2021

Streetwear fashion is changing every year and we did not get to experience streetwear properly last year due to lockdown. However, with restrictions lifting, more and more people are styling themselves out. Here are five streetwear trends that you should consider for 2021.

Graphic Sweaters and Tees

This has been a trend for a couple of years now and it is understandable why. Plain t-shirts and sweaters are a thing of the past however you do see them out and about at times. With a graphic tee, you tend to have bright and vibrant colours on them that make you stand out. They are also great for just casual wear, something that is not too dressy when you are going to the cinema. Another positive, they can be very affordable. 

Varsity Jackets

Now, this is a very strange one to be honest. However, it has become extremely popular in England, Japan, and elsewhere to wear varsity jackets that are from America. These tend to be colleges that have well-known sports teams that play at a high level. It’s very weird because you would not expect an American to be walking about in a tracksuit that is from a school/ college in England. Nonetheless, they are very fashionable in today’s age and keep you nice and warm in the autumn and winter months.


Now this one has been around for a very long time and everyone can understand why. Loungewear is ridiculously comfy and easy to relax in and can be worn anywhere that is not too dressy. The good thing about loungewear is that you can get it printed or just plain, depending on where and who you buy it from. Urban streetwear has been very popular for many years and probably will continue to be popular due to its comfiness as well. 

Bomber Jackets

A bit like your varsity jackets but plain and come and go in fashion trends like no tomorrow. Saying that, no matter what season it is, you cannot go wrong with a bomber jacket and will work with multiple outfits that you wear. Bomber jackets can be quite plain-looking but the colours for a decent bomber jacket tend to be your black and navy blue which is good as these can match up with a lot of different t-shirts and jeans/ pants. 

Utility Clothing

Last but not least, utility clothing. Something that again can be very cheap to buy, which we all like, as well as comfy and fashionable. If you do not know what utility clothing is then you should probably have a look and maybe even buy yourself some. They can range from jackets to cargo joggers which have plenty of pockets to store your phone and loose change. However, they are not purchased for that, they are purchased for comfort. 

To conclude

So there you have it. Some of the most popular streetwear trends that you should keep in mind when you are next going out, so you can try something different from the mens full tracksuit sale you’ve been living off the past year. Looking great as well as feeling relaxed in them as well.