How Exterior Cleaning Enhances Your Building’s Appearance

When it comes to the preservation of buildings, regular cleaning and maintenance is just one of the many efforts carried out to ensure that the building is cared for properly. Exterior cleaning is just as important as interior cleaning, especially for protected or dated buildings, or buildings used to represent a business. 

Exterior cleaning is something which is usually carried out over a long period of time, but in recent years, there have been some great developments in the techniques and equipment used, meaning that exterior building cleaning need only take a few days. Not only does this lessen the disruption for businesses, but lowers the cost too. With this in mind, here are some ways that carrying out exterior cleaning can enhance your building’s appearance.

Increase The Appeal Of The Building

If your building is used to represent a business, then the kerb appeal is hugely important. Your building and the surroundings will be viewed by passers-by from the street or road, so taking a look at the kerb appeal of your building is a must. By investing in regular cleaning of the exterior of the building, including walls, fences, floors and pavement, your building will look more attractive to potential customers or clients, as it creates the illusion that you take good care of your business. Whilst you may not be looking to sell your building or property, having good kerb appeal can increase your building’s market value and attract more potential buyers. 

Looks After The Health Of The Building

Buildings are prone to the accumulation of mud, dirt, pollen, leaves and grime, which can build up over time. If this build-up isn’t regularly cleaned or removed, then it can often cause degradation in the appearance and architecture of the building, especially if your building has wooden parts. Routine exterior cleaning will not only preserve the appearance of your building, but can also save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Traditional building cleaning methods include things such as broom and mop, which take a significant amount of manpower and time, or costly scaffolding rental. These traditional methods can bring stress, loss of time and money, but there have been developments in the techniques used. Professional cleaning services now use things such as DOFF cleaning, pressure washing or steam cleaning. These new methods of cleaning are much more cost-effective, take far less time to complete and mean that you don’t have to spend your own time carrying out the cleaning. The equipment used also means that these teams are able to get to harder to reach areas, giving you a much cleaner overall look, and prevent damage to the building. 

Clean Facades

When it comes to exterior building cleaning, it is not only the brick or stone work which benefits. Having a clean building facade is another way that your building will benefit from having a regular clean. The facade refers to the front of the building and includes things such as windows, doors and general building design. If your windows get especially dirty, whether this is because you’re situated next to a busy road or have a lot of trees nearby, then this can contribute to a grimy or dirty overall look of the building, so by having your building’s windows, doors and design regularly cleaned, you prevent this dirt from building up. 


By applying the right cleaning strategy to the exterior of your building, you’ll prevent it from looking untidy and uncared for. Not only this, but you can preserve the general condition of the building itself. There is nothing more important than caring for your building with the proper techniques, so it is recommended that you invest in a professional cleaning company.