Different Types Of Bamboo Flooring Los Angeles CA

Bamboo as a flooring material has its own pros and cons. Just like hardwood flooring, bamboo is a great natural material that helps add to the real estate value of a home. The bamboo plant is not a tree but rather a type of grass. However, bamboo flooring behaves like a hardwood floor. Bamboo flooring can also refinish the same way a hardwood floor can be done. If you are living in a city like in Los Angeles and want to have a home closer to nature, bamboo flooring is a good option. You can look for a bamboo flooring Los Angeles CA company can be your best option when you want to inquire.

Bamboo is also hard and slightly better with its water-resistant. Like wood, bamboo can still be scratched. It can be prone to crack when the humidity conditions differ dramatically.

Bamboo has an appeal due to its natural and renewable properties. Trees require 20 years or more to mature while a bamboo stalk can be harvested every five to six years. Most of the harvested commercial bamboo came from plantations with a responsible farming protocol. If you are in a city like LA, you can inquire from a bamboo flooring Los Angeles CA.

Different Types of Bamboo Flooring and Its Own Manufacturing Process

There are different kinds of bamboo flooring with each type having its own manufacturing method.

Stranded Bamboo

The stranded bamboo floor is created with the process of shredding the bamboo stalks into smaller strands that are compressed into sheets that use resin binders or heat which cuts into the planks that are used for building materials. This flooring is mostly available as planks that are tongue-and-groove types which are nailed downs. There are also other plans that float on top of an underlayment. This is a premium type of bamboo which is available in other colors.

Horizontal Bamboo

Horizontal bamboo is manufactured with the cutting of strands into thinner strips. The thin strips are glued to form the planks. Horizontal bamboo is a grain as there are long stalk fibers that are visible on the floor. This kind of bamboo is not as hard as the stranded bamboo but it has a striking appearance. It is available for both floating floor plans and nail-down planks.

Engineered Bamboo

Engineered bamboo flooring is made from a bonded thin layer of bamboo. The bamboo’s layers are bonded in a medium-density fiberboard core or plywood. The engineered bamboo is compared to an engineered hardwood which is similarly installed in the same manner. The installation is done with click-lock planks that often float over a foam of underlayment. Engineered bamboo is the least expensive type of bamboo flooring but it is also the least durable. An engineered bamboo cannot be refinished compared to the other alternatives.

Most bamboo floors carry an amber color or a natural blonde that resembles an unfinished birch or maple unless it is stained. There are darker tones that are available through the process referred to as carbonizing. Carbonizing subjects the planks to higher temperatures. The color of a carbonized bamboo can be attractive with a darker hue but it is softer compared to the non carbonized bamboos making it susceptible to scratches.

Maintenance and Repair of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is very easy to maintain. Cleaning a bamboo floor can be done by simply vacuuming or sweeping it to remove small particles and dust. You can use a damp mop to clean the floors using a non-alkaline or non-wax wood cleanser.

If compared to hardwood, bamboo is more resistant when it comes to water damage. Bamboo can also be harder than some hardwoods which makes it more resistant to dent and scratches. However, it has to be noted that it is not a scratch-proof or water-proof material. You still need to take some extra steps to protect bamboo floors from scratches and water damage. Since it is an organic material, mold can become present when there is moist left unchecked. If the bamboo gets in contact with direct sunlight frequently, it can be discolored. It is recommended to utilize blinds or shades in rooms where the sunlight directly hits.

Bamboo floors can be dented, scratched, or discolored. Fortunately, it is the type of material that can be refinished. With the previous example of a bamboo flooring Los Angeles CA contractor, you can most likely inquire about their refinishing services once you get a bamboo flooring installed. The refinishing is done by sanding and reapplying coats to the floors. Nevertheless, engineered bamboo flooring cannot be refinished.