Forex-Financial Markets

The financial market is a mechanism that allows people to easily sell and buy securities (stocks and bonds), goods (commodity and agricultural products) and other interchangeable financial tools, by legal transactions in fair costs and prices that reflect the image of an effective market. Over the past few centuries, global financial markets have changed a lot, and they are at the stage of constant changes, developments and growth. The 2020 will be a historical year for financial markets, as this year includes the presidential elections in the United States and the Covid-19 simultaneously spreading during the US-China trade war. Here in FIBO Group as a trader you have a chance to invest in Forex markets 24 hours a day, five days a week, buying and selling different financial tools and speculate by commodity markets. Such tools as gold, silver and forex-pairs – 2020 is an ideal year to start a strategic successful trading.

Almost all of the iconic currencies in foreign exchange market exist is forex interbank system. Here traders get permission for disposal considerations of impressive set on various tools that increase the likelihood of profitable contracts. The Forex exchange market offers all Internet users to try their abilities in the process of trading with currencies remotely. On Forex market, major amount of convertible currencies are able for trading in pairs. The most popular pairs are Euro/US Dollar, Japanese Yen/US Dollar, British Pound/US Dollar, US Dollar/Swiss Franc and etc… Speculators use Forex as a source of solid income. For those who can play on the difference of price exchange rates, extracting considerable profit is a daily practice. And to achieve this goal, you wouldn’t need to reach a master’s degree in economics.

Many people don’t give enough credit to Forex exchange system of trading, but this is not an entirely true attitude. Unlike stock exchange, Forex works around the world, due to the correct world banks regulation laws in different time zones, which guaranties most transparent conditions for an experienced investor. In addition, Forex is not tied to any particular place – it is a virtual market, and you can trade it from anywhere in the world: from Moscow, New York or from the faraway islands. The main condition is to have an Internet access, which guaranties the transactions fulfilment.

Various factors, influences of which are the highest on exchange rates: economic indicators releases and the central banks regulation policies, political changes (like wars, civil conflicts, elections and etc.), unexpected emergencies (for example, natural disasters, accidents at large enterprises, terroristic attacks and even weather conditions or pandemics), as well as rumors, unexpected changes of the market makers mood and the change of biggest market participants expectations. However, despite all this, Forex is relatively stable, since the fall of one currency always entails a change in the rate of others. An experienced trader can take advantage of this with a considerable benefit due to his own investments.