7 Stylish Ideas To Style An Empty Corner

An empty corner can be an eyesore and make an otherwise beautiful room look unappealing. That said, such areas have enormous potential to enhance the appearance of any space. Decorating a corner is a straightforward task, and there are plenty of stylish ideas that you can pick.

Here are some of the top great ideas you can use to improve the aesthetic appeal of your empty corners.

Install Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is among the most crucial elements of interior décor in any space. It involves using multiple light fixtures placed at different levels so that it creates a particular desired pattern. Its most significant advantage is that it enables you to adjust the illumination levels, which generates varying atmospheres. Depending on your preference, you can choose a floor lamp, a desk lamp, or a hanging light fixture.

Invest in Artwork

Most people tend to place their artwork at the centre of the wall. However, if you decide to move your gallery to the corner, you pique interest because it is not a widespread practice. It is advisable to place the pictures on adjacent walls so that they assume a right-angled shape.

If you want a traditional look, place your artwork at the same height. For a contemporary theme, you can hang the pictures at varying heights.

Make Use of Potted Plants

Potted plants are an excellent corner decoration idea because they fit in regardless of the available floor space. Also, plants breathe life into a room, but you have to ensure that it receives adequate natural sunlight.

The majority of homeowners prefer using flowers since they add colour to the room. However, if you want to be unique, use a large potted plant. In places with limited space, you can hang the plants from the ceiling to avoid clutter.

Display a Unique Sculpture

Another way of making an empty corner more attractive is by displaying your treasured sculptures. Whether placed on a table or standing itself, a sculpture adds interest to any space and can tell a lot about your personality. Make sure that you pick a piece that does not need to be viewed from all angles because the corner will obscure the backside.

Create a Look Out Point

If there is a corner in your room with windows that look out onto a scenic attraction, consider focusing your interior on that view. For instance, you could install a cozy fireplace with a few seats around it so that people can keep warm as they watch the landscape.

Set Up a Workspace

A smart way of filling up an empty corner is by transforming it into a home office.You can do this by adding a small table and chair at the edge, as well as a memo board. It is also essential to install a socket so that you can conveniently charge your laptop or desktop computer while working.

Use Wall-to-wall Furniture

One of the most challenging spaces to decorate is dining room corners. However, using wall-to-wall furniture is the best solution to this problem. These include storage units, cabinets, and so forth.


These are only but a few of the many ways of adding style to the empty corners in your room. Similar to other stylish improvements, make sure that the stuff you add matches the existing décor in your room so that it does not look out of place.