Whether if you’re a tourist or if you are living there, London offers an immense variety of food places, ranging from enterprise restaurants to small (but still enjoyable) street food shops. Let’s analyse 5 absolute gems you can visit in London for the best food experience of your life, then:


Number One: The Barbary

If you’re a fan of fusion cuisine, The Barbary in Covent Garden will be a fantastic pick for you. Ran by the same people who are running The Palomar, the combination of a classy Indian foundation with a slight British twist is properly put together in their vast menu, which will very likely satisfy everyone.


Number Two: Hoppers

Hoppers is a great choice if you’re in Soho and you don’t want to spend much on food. With a variety of curries available, usually combined with freshly cooked meat and rice, Hoppers is a great choice if you want to dine out in Soho without spending a fortune!


Number Three: Bao

What’s better than Chinese food on the go? Nothing, I guess. Bao’s very original setting, in the middle of Soho, serves freshly made Chinese specialities, remade to be eaten on the go. Personal Recommendation? Their famous fried chicken, an absolute masterpiece!


Number Four: Kiln

Kiln is a restaurant which combines the social side of eating with amazing food: with long tables, you will be able to meet new friends whilst you enjoy a freshly cooked meal. The price isn’t extremely high either, which makes it an even better choice if you’re by yourself and you’re wondering where to eat!


Number Five: Social Eating House

A very fancy restaurant couldn’t be left aside from this list. Ran by Gordon Ramsay’s apprentice Jason Atherton, the combination of top-class service with excellence in ingredients with food truly makes this place great. Of course, prepare yourself for an extremely heavy bill.


To Conclude

Picking the 5 absolute best restaurants in London would be extremely hard, especially if you aren’t familiar with the city at all. This list, although, will definitely help you if you’re struggling when picking your dining place. On top of that, don’t forget to check if there are any restaurant deals available in London, saving money is always a good thing.