You might opt for a car lease because you cannot afford to buy a new car. Even if you find a financing option that is reasonable enough, it might still be too expensive for you. If you take the deal, you might have to settle for a low-quality and old car since it is all you can afford.

You do not need to settle for a brand-new car of low quality if you can lease a top-quality vehicle. You can find cheap car lease deals that suit your budget. Since you are only renting the car during a particular period, you are not going to pay the same amount as for a new car that you purchase.

Even when lease deals are good, you can still find ways to negotiate the amount and reduce it. These are some tips to help you achieve that goal.


Know the numbers

Before you start negotiating, you need to know what you are doing. You cannot negotiate if you have no idea what the numbers are. You could end up asking for an amount which is practically impossible to give. Find out the average price of the car model you like. You also need to look at the usual down payment asked for a car lease. If you know the current figures, it will be easy for you to negotiate with the dealer and get the model that you want at the price you asked for, or at least close to it.


Check the mileage limit

Perhaps, the only downside of choosing a car lease is that you need to follow the mileage limit. It indicates the distance you can travel during the lease. If you go beyond the allowed range, you need to pay excess-mileage fees. Therefore, if the mileage limit is quite low, you can negotiate the fees. You could either ask for a low monthly fee or increase the mileage limit. Either way, it is a good deal.


Know what you want

Before you start looking at cars, it is crucial that you know exactly what vehicle you want. Assess your needs like the number of passengers you regularly have and the purpose of using the car. Set your eyes on the specific model that you want to lease. Some dealers are excellent at convincing you to opt for a different model which could be way better but is not suitable for your needs and budget. When you know what you want, you will do everything possible to get it at a special price and be willing to walk out if you do not get it.


Go there on a perfect day

Find the right time to visit the dealer. Make sure that it is during the weekends or towards the end of the month. At these times, dealers need to reach their quotas. If they are yet to get there and they are running out of time, they might agree to your demands.

It is not easy dealing with individuals who are tough and have been in this industry for a while. However, with proper research and the right attitude, you might get the vehicle that you want.