The right kind of accessories can turn even the simplest outfit into something fab. You can experiment with what looks best for you, but generally, there are specific items that work well together and suit certain clothes and even occasions. Here are some helpful tips in choosing the right accessories.


Not everything has to match

Remember the days when they said that your bag needs to be the same colour as the shoes that you are wearing? This doesn’t have to be the case. Imagine having bright coloured shoes with a matching bright coloured bag? It can be too much on the eyes. Instead, make one a lighter or more neutral tone to bring balance. Also, your jewellery doesn’t need to be the same shade as your dress. For instance, if you are wearing an orange outfit and all your jewellery is the same colour, all that people will notice will be the colour, instead of your overall style.


Choose one statement piece

Statement pieces such as big items or those with intricate designs will catch the eye of others. However, wearing too many at once will get their attention but not in a good way. It will look chaotic and busy. Instead, choose only one to wear at a time. For instance, if you want to wear a statement necklace, let it be the centre of attention by wearing other small accessories, or not wearing other items at all.

Unique jewellery is also an excellent investment as it can be a conversation starter and will also make you stand out. For example, fingerprint rings UK retailers sell are distinctive, and they are sure to catch attention. Your fingerprint or the fingerprint of your special someone can be used as the design for the ring. Aside from a ring, you can also use the fingerprint design on other pieces of jewellery like charms and necklaces.


Don’t be afraid of bright colours

Neutral colours are safe, and they are flexible as they can be matched with any outfit or other accessories. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only stick to these hues. Add colour and life to your outfit with colourful accessories. However, do not overdo it. These bright coloured items will suit plain outfits. They will provide an instant splash of vibrancy to a dull look.


Select the right size

Be careful in choosing the size of the accessories that you wear. Make sure that they fit your body type. For instance, chunky or huge pieces may not work well for short and big sized individuals. These pieces will only make them appear shorter or bigger than they are.


Find pieces appropriate for your age

Some accessories are obviously designed for the younger market. Although there are no rules or laws that will prevent you from wearing them, it’s best not to, especially if you are not in that age bracket as it will just feel that you are trying too hard.

Choose the accessories that you will wear carefully as they can make or break the entire look.