For workshops, storage spaces, garages or utility rooms, metal shelving can be a practical and sturdy option that also offers an industrial sense of style. There are many different types of metal shelving that can offer economical and long-lasting storage solutions that are easy to keep clean and tidy.

Stainless steel

Steel shelving is often the most popular type of metal shelving for industrial and commercial spaces. It has many advantages, such as being strong enough to withstand damage and high temperatures.

For example, if you have hazardous materials or work in an area with a risk of fire, steel shelving is a good option. For the food industry, it is also a preferred material because it is easy to keep clean and can survive scrubbing and bleaching and still bear the weight of heavy ingredients and equipment.

If you are looking to purchase steel shelving, suppliers such as RackZone can offer advice and information on the types of utility they offer. The durability of steel shelves means that even though it can seem more expensive than other metal shelving, the investment in it pays off over a longer lifespan.

Steel does not have to mean grey or silver shelving. Powder-coated colours mean steel shelves can be chic, according to Mansion Global.

Chrome wire

For versatile and inexpensive shelving, chrome wire is often used in industrial and domestic situations. Chrome wire shelving can be easy to put together and lightweight to move into place.

Chrome is seen as being a stylish option, and shelves made from chrome wire are a good way to display products and store goods.

Wrought iron

For shelves that are also a piece of furniture, wrought iron is the metal of choice. Wrought iron shelves are made to last, with durability being one of the most attractive features of this material. The design possibilities and strength to hold any variety of weighty items are other plus points for wrought iron.

Wrought iron does need careful maintenance to prevent rust, so paint it regularly to keep it looking its best.

With many benefits to be gained from metal shelving, it pays to consider steel, chrome or wrought iron the next time you are looking for storage options for your home or business.