Many people think that having SEO involved in your website means a complete overhaul of the entire thing. But there are some small tweaks that can be very important to better SEO results. These are the quick fixes that really improve your ranking. Here are some further SEO tweaks you can make to get better results from your website.

Ensure Titles And Headings Are Optimised

All of the page title tags featured on your site should mention the target keywords. If this is something you do already, make sure that any page titles that were created before you optimised them also contain keywords.

Make Your Site More Credible

SEO success is important to any website if it is to get visitors. And the way that you can gain more SEO success is to make your site more credible. This involves building more trust for people visiting your site. The following steps will help you to make your site more credible:

• The design of your site should be a big priority.
• All contact information should be easily accessible.
• Privacy policies and terms and conditions should all be featured and up to date on your site.
• Badges, seals and symbols all evoke credibility.
• Avoid using stock photos.
• Show some personality behind the brand.
• Proofread all of your content.
• Show that your site is secure.

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Get Rid of Ineffective Keywords

There are a lot of SEO tools out there that will help you identify which keywords are working and which aren’t. By using one of these tools, you can see which keywords are the low-hanging fruit of your site. Ineffective keywords should be eliminated, and remember to change up high-performing ones to keep your SEO fresh.

Your Pages Should Link to Each Other

Each of your pages should naturally link to others on your site. This could involve a contextual link that is embedded in the content that refers to another page. Remember to only provide links that will be useful to the people visiting your site; otherwise it will have a negative effect on SEO.