Big Brother became a staple on television in many different countries. It is only in the last year in the UK that the decision was made to stop the show and the house has since been taken down. Although never say never, the show may reappear on another channel in the country at some point. Millions of people each year tuned in watch the exploits of the housemates and the inevitable drama that ensued. It was one of the many reasons why people were contacting TV Aerial Installation Cheltenham company to make sure that they didn’t miss any of the action.

The show was based on the story of “1984” written by George Orwell. The similarities between the two include the inclusion of the phrase “Big Brother is watching you” as well as there being an overall authority figure that controls everything that the people in the house can do. This is similar to the leader of “Oceania” in the book 1984 that has total power and control over the inhabitants of the state. Although no formal link has ever been confirmed it is certain that the show producers were obviously influenced by the storyline in the book.

Within the Big Brother house everything is electronically controlled by the producers including access to certain areas including the diary room and the store cupboard. There is one central panel that allows the producers to open and close windows and doors and also lock certain areas. This is used to set up the tasks whilst keeping the housemates out of certain areas of the house and has also been used to keep housemates in one area when there have been incidents that need to be dealt with.

Due to the nature of the show there are psychologists and other specialised available to contestants 24 hours a day whilst they are in the house and also counsellors available for a year following their appearance. As well as undergoing a psychological assessment before they are accepted on the show they are also monitored on a day to day basis by professionals who look at their behaviour during their time in the house and will intervene if they feel it is necessary. Being confined in a house with people you don’t know, some of whom you don’t get on with, as well as facing weekly nomination by your fellow housemates and then eviction by the public can have a negative impact on people’s mental health which is why the show has such robust competitor welfare schemes.