Are you moving for the first time? This can often feel a bit overwhelming and stressful. Your first move does not have to be a stressful experience. There are actually multiple things that you can do that will make the entire move smoother and more efficient.

Declutter As Soon As You Know You Will Be Moving

Once you know a move is imminent you can save yourself some time but go through a decluttering process. Every day take a new room in your current home. If you have a roommate or are still living at home with your parents this may be a simple task. If you are moving an entire home with multiple rooms taking the decluttering process one day at a time will reduce stress. Just focus on one room. Throw out anything that is junk. Make a stack of items to donate and then put those items in bags or boxes. Make a quick stop at a local donation centre. This entire process may take up to a week or two if you have other commitments and cannot dedicate consecutive time to the decluttering process.

Acquire Boxes, Packing Tape and a Sharpie

When you know you are moving you should ask friends or family for any boxes they have that they aren’t using. You can also purchase moving boxes from a local moving rental truck facility. Some office supply stores and big box stores also sell moving boxes. Reinforce your boxes with packing tape and purchase bubble wrap or save old newspapers if you are wrapping breakables. It is also best to label your boxes with a marker such as a sharpie. During a move, it can be difficult to clearly make out the thin lines of an ink pen on a box and you will need to place your boxes in the appropriate room in a timely manner. If you are moving house on a budget you will want to pack everything yourself. If you do not have a budget or the time to pack you can consider hiring professional packers.

Pack Away the Non-Essentials

If you are moving in the summer months all of your seasonal holiday decors should be packed away. Label each box so you know its contents when you get to your new home. Pack away breakable and decorative accents. These can take the longest to pack since they need to be wrapped for safe travel. You should also remove all pictures and decor from the walls. Make sure each box is clearly labelled. It will help if you label the box with the contents and the room it is going to be placed in during the moving process.

Plan the Move

Now that everything is packed away and labelled you can plan the move. You have the date in mind so you can either start contacting friends and family or call a moving company. If you do not have many items and have helpful hands available you may be able to complete your move in one day with people who want to help you. If you have to hire movers you will need to reserve them for the move. Many moving companies require a deposit and work on a tight time frame. It is best to call for multiple quotes and find the moving company that best suits your needs.

Once you are in your new home you will be able to begin settling in and unpacking your boxes. With each box labelled accordingly and placed in the appropriate room, this process will be much easier. Moving should be an exciting life-changing event and by doing a little bit each day prior to the move you will save yourself a lot of frustration and stress.