Selecting the perfect cut of beef is important to ensure you have the best meal possible. With so many cuts of steak available, you can get overwhelmed with all the options. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association goes well beyond the cuts of beef most people think about when choosing a steak. They list 28 cuts of steak. These cuts range in price, fat, tenderness, texture and flavour. We can help you find your favourite texture, flavour and quality to ignite your taste buds.


Before you decide on a cut of beef, you must set your budget. Fillets are often going to cost a bit more because they are made from a smaller portion of the cow. They are often in high demand due to their juicy flavour and tender cut. The demand will always affect the price of the cut.


The grade of steak you choose will go hand-in-hand with the price. Grades are given by a government agency and deal with the age of the animal as well as the marbling of the meat. When the meat does not have any or only little fat, it has no marbling. This means the meat is lean and very tender, but usually lacks in flavour. Most consumers want to find a balance so they need to try to find small areas of fat in the steak. Prime grade is the top of the line when it comes to meat. Choice and select are next. The lowest meat grades are usually not sold in stores. They are usually just by-products.

Flat iron steak

A good flat iron steak won’t break your budget and will give your mouth a feast of flavour at the same time. This is cut from the oyster blade. The cut is lean with lots of marbling with a full, moist flavour. You can cook it medium well and still be fulfilled with flavour.

Eye Fillet

One of the most tender cuts is the eye fillet. Cut from the tenderloin, it’s often served rare for the best flavour. This cut is thick and juicy. It’s one of the rare finds since it is top of the line.

Rump Steak

The rump steak is one of the best values to match the flavour for a cut of beef. Meat lovers love it because it’s an easy cut to make and has a juicy taste. The texture is firmer than the popular fillet so go with this choice if you like a juicy, firm steak.

Scotch Fillet

The Scotch Fillet is one of the most popular, flavour-filled cuts of steak. It’s got a rich flavour with a juicy taste. It has marbling down the middle seam to balance out the thickness, flavour and texture of the entire cut of meat. You can cook this fillet any way and still be happy with the overall taste.


Like scotch fillet, the porterhouse is full of flavour and texture. It’s cut from the strip loin. There is a thin top strip of fat to balance out the taste. You can even make it leaner by trimming away the fat if needed. The porterhouse is often called the perfect date cut of meat since it can be divided into two with two great cuts of meat for consumption.

T-bone steak

T-Bone steak is one of the most popular cuts of meat. It’s split in two meaning one side is the tender muscle while the other side is the sirloin drizzling with juice. Two textures and two flavours packed in one means perfection to most eating this cut of steak.