Sewer line damage is a nightmare that all homeowners with sewer instead of septic fear the most. It is an expensive nightmare that no one can really prepare for Homeowners to hear all the time about the horror stories of sewer lines busting at random and completely ruining your yard or your home. When something happens to your sewer it has, in the past, traditionally needed to be repaired or totally replaced which is not only a long and tedious project but one that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

The money goes well beyond just replacing the line; to get to it, deep trenches have to be dug which means you have to pay someone to use a large machine to do that. Then after it is all said and done, you have to pay to have the yard re-finished which can cost hundreds of more dollars on top of the money already spent. It is enough to cause a homeowner to lose sleep at night, even if they are not currently having any sewer problems at home. Thankfully, thanks to new inventive solutions homeowners do not have to endure this stress! Repairing a sewer line does not have to be this stressful and here is why!

The latest sewer technology used to save time and money is sewer pipe relining. It is far less expensive, is an option that takes much less time, and is much less stressful on the person having sewer pipe issues. Below are several reasons why getting your sewer relined is a better more affordable option all the way around.


Money Saver

As already mentioned, sewer relining can save you a lot of money. in order to repair or replace sewer pipes that have been damaged, companies have to dig a trench to get to it which means tearing up your yard and/or driveway. So once you pay to have the repairs done, you then have to pay to get your home back to how it was. Relining a pipe instead uses an epoxy coating on the pipe which takes the cost of labour and parts down significantly. This method is much less expensive than methods used before.


Time Saver

Sewer relining services saves a lot of precious time. Using traditional methods of going into trenches and getting to the pipe requires a great deal of time. Pipe relining offers a quicker, more effective solution as the entire project can be finished in as little as a day depending on the extent of the damage done to the pipe.


Not as Intrusive

The more traditional methods of fixing or repairing a damaged sewer pipeline require the use of a backhoe to gif a trench and tear p possibly the entire yard or driveway. After the pipe repairs are finished, you have to get the backhoe back out and fill the deep holes back in with all of the dirt. Sometimes you the plumber has to go all the way out into the street to fix the damages which incur more costs and time as you have to tape off the street. Thanks to pipe relining technology, you can have your pipes relined therefore repaired without ever having to dig a single trench. Plumbers are able to reline the pipe and be in and out without it ever seeming like they were there.


Friendly to the Environment

Using an epoxy liner to reline your sewer pipe causes little to no damage to the environment. Traditional methods of fixing a pipe can harm the environment further than just digging up the earth, but can release harmful contaminants into the air. Pipe relining can repair pipes without adding any harmful chemicals tot he air and the epoxy itself is environmentally friendly.

There is honestly not much downside to using epoxy pipe reliner instead of digging up the pipe and repairing or replacing it in the traditional form. It will keep your property from getting damaged, helps your sewer line maintain a longer life, and is incredibly friendly to the environment. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, wallet-friendly option to fix your pipe, reliners are the way to go!