Don’t let tangled wires get you down, use these innovative solutions to home improvement instead!

I’m not sure about you, but I can’t stand the sight of exposed cords. Aside from being hideous and quite annoying, open cords can be outright dangerous. The wrong cable cover can do more damage than not having anything covering your cords. Safety has to come first. Here you will get all of the information you need to make an educated decision on how to move forward with covering those cables, beautifying your space and keeping everyone safe.

Cable covers serve a range of purposes, and you will find that there are different styles created to meet different demands. Whether it’s your home, a business, fall prevention for an elderly loved one or you simply hate the sight of exposed wires, electrical cable covers are the way to go when you need to cover them up.

Not just any cable cover will do!

There are different cable covers for different surfaces. For instance, you would not use the same one on the carpet that you would on a hardwood floor. You will find that there are cable covers for hard floors, there are cable covers for carpet, stone, concrete and more. Some are discrete while others are made to be noticed.

Cable Covers For Carpet

When it comes to your carpet, you want to secure the area without damaging your investment. These electrical cable covers are created to do just that by utilizing the hook & loop system. They are made from a sturdy fabric and adhere to your carpet so that walking over them is safe. They can be purchased for high or low visibility, and come in two lengths which can be easily altered.

What About Hard Surface Cable Covers?

When it comes to hard surfaces flexible PVC which hold the cables internally for a neater look and a safer environment. The cable covers for hard surfaces work very similarly to the carpet cable covers. These too can be purchased for high or low visibility depending on your needs. You can check out online sites to see the cable covers explained & different options available to meet your needs.

Electricity & Cable Cords

Electrical safety is essential. When dealing with anything pertaining to electricity, including cords, safety should be the number one priority. It’s important to make sure all cables are not frayed, have no exposed wiring and are in good working order. Cable covers are not meant to be utilized to cover damaged cords. Doing so could lead to shock or an electrical fire in your home or business. Any damaged cables and wires should be replaced before utilizing electrical cable covers.

Never overload your outlets and be sure you are using the correct wattage. Avoid putting cables and wires under your carpeting as this can lead to big trouble. They can overheat, wires can become damaged and they remain a tripping hazard.

Family Safety Tips

Cords need to be inaccessible to pets and children. However, do not tightly wrap cords as this is known to cause overheating and cord damage. Always use the correct cable cover for the surface that the cables are crossing. One doesn’t always think of electrical cable covers as home improvement or home safety topics. When it comes to our children sometimes education is not enough, and we can’t always be there with our elderly parents should they take a fall or a fire occurs.

Prevention is always the best solution to ward off a tragedy. Once you have it all under control and gain the peace of mind that comes with safety, you will wonder why you put it off for so long.