When it comes to home renovation or revitalization many people think only of the price-tag. They imagine mid to large scale construction. However, revitalizing your home does not have to come with a multi-figured price tag. In fact, you do not even have to make any actual renovations. So if you are on a budget but want to give your house a makeover, here are five ways you can get the job done without tearing out a wall.

Slap on a New Coat of Paint

Instead of knocking down walls you can always paint them. Paint can adhere to any budget and has the ability to change an entire room without moving anything around. It is also an opportunity to express your artistic side. You do not even have to paint every wall as offsetting colours are a style all their own. It is recommended to use bright colours rather than dull as that can heighten the overall feel and make existing furniture pop. You can even get artistic with it and use styling or stenciling.

Add or Replace Furniture

A popular way to revitalize a room is by changing out the furniture. Traditionally, this means buying new furniture to replace old furniture. The use of different materials like cloth or leather can make significant differences as well as varying colours. You do not necessarily have to replace furniture, however.

Clear space can revolutionize a room as well as new furniture. In fact, a good strategy many interior designers use to open up a room is to clear space. You can also swap existing furniture out from another room. The new combination may very well suit the space better. Another tactic is to think smaller with purchases. You can add smaller pieces of furniture to a room and create the same effect as larger pieces. Finally, you can simply add one new piece in a strategic manner. Often times the simplest of elements can bring a room together.


Another small addition with huge impact is lighting. Nothing changes the look and feel of a room more than how it is lit. This can be done by opening the room up to more light or muting the light that is already there. Fundamentally, you can achieve both with simple means. You can buy brighter bulbs, remove blinds, install curtains, switch out lamps, or even add or subtract lampshades. Artistically, you can add style by the type of lamps used or the fixtures installed.

Floor lamps come in a bevy of styles from modern and rustic to french provincial lighting. You can take current fixtures present in the room and replace them with stylized choices. Such choices can be on the costly side but are a whole lot cheaper than ripping out a floor.

Display Items

You can also revitalize a room by displaying some art, various collectibles, books, movies, and pictures. A good piece of art can fill up absent space on a wall. You can use themes like movie posters. You can use creative ways to stack and display your books. Any kind of decoration has the ability to pull focus and add feel to a room. You can even put different types of display items in different rooms. Decorate your kitchen with old pots and pans. Have a room dedicated to books or a room dedicated to movies.


While ripping up a floor can definitely add to a room. So can putting down a rug. Rugs are a great form of decoration and using them strategically around your home can add a lot. You can lay down a rug on any surface. It can be carpet, wood, tile, or even plain concrete.