When talking to my friends about technology, it’s almost impossible to avoid the Apple vs. Microsoft debate. I myself have always been an Apple patron for not many reasons other than “I just think it’s better.” After recently being bored enough with a mate to go through every application on their Microsoft powered computer however, I realised just how much is on there that I never even knew about or used. This leads me to believe that I had no idea about the capabilities of either devices and therefor shouldn’t comment on what brand was better if I was basing it off some whirlwind idea I had floating around between my ears. Taking on hours of research into both brands and discovering the potential of each brand, I feel as though brand sentiment is honestly the only reason to choose one or the other – they are both that good. View the range of Apple Macbooks and Microsoft Surface Tablets at Domayne Australia today and come with me as I take you through two of the best.

The Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface has made a name for itself with its revolutionary design and impressive capabilities. This laptop has a number of models which all deliver on a quality and intelligent device. The middle of the range Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 sports a modern design that makes a sleek statement to complement your style. With its i5 processor and 8GB RAM, you can easily switch between a number of applications with ease and reduced lagging. Preloaded with Windows 10, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 also demonstrates an ergonomic keyboard palm rest that allows you to work as often as you need without being strained. Its Pixel Sense display boasts a 13.5inch screen that is interactive by touch and is optimised for use with the Surface Pen for quick note taking or creative designs. Bringing together incredible features and sophisticated design, the Microsoft Surface holds a stiff competition against Apple’s infamous MacBook.

The Apple MacBook

The Apple MacBook gives you a reliable and trustworthy purchase with a range of models to suit your price range. Even the base model showcases a stunning Retina display and other high end features such as Touch ID at a competitive price. The Apple MacBook Pro 13.3inch with Touch Bar is an excellent middle range laptop that has all the bells and whistles and features of a laptop twice its price. Doubling its functioning speed with its quad-core i5 Intel processor, the Retina display also combines True Tone technology and Intel Iris Plus Graphics for a true to life viewing immersion. Not only does this model of the MacBook include a Touch Bar and Touch ID, but it also has a force touch trackpad and a better life of up to ten hours. Its USB-C ports allow for an immensely quick charge time which means you can go without ever having to stop. The Apple MacBook combines the best features consumers look for in a laptop into one build. Find everything you’re looking for in an elegant and polished design with the Apple MacBook.

Being surrounded by such impressive devices all around us, it seems impossible to consider that they could continue improving on their models as they do. With more uses than I believe anyone one person can use, it is a very close battle when it comes to Apple vs. Microsoft. Both brands respectively have an incredible empire built upon inspiring individuals and inspiring the new era of technological advances. Wherever your loyalty lies, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting a truly incredible device, even if brand sentiment was the only reason to choose it.