The moment you announce your engagement, everyone starts questioning about the wedding day. However, many do not realize that picking the dates for the big day is not a simple task. Yes, it sometimes tends to be hectic.

You don’t just wake up one day and ask your local priest if there is free Saturday in June. Some people consider their lucky wedding dates  while some may not. If it sounds daunting to you, here are critical things you can put into consideration to help you choose your big day dates. Here are some of them.


  • Your Venue’s Calendar


In most cases, the topmost priority happens to be finding a place where your wedding will take place. However, most exquisite venues for social events happen to be a beehive of activities. So before you pick 9/19/2019 to be your date, you must enquire if that venue will be free. Here you must ensure you book it in advance so that you can be guaranteed of hosting your wedding in that cool venue.


  • Your Period of Engagement


You see, if you have a few months to your big day, you will most likely make hasty decisions which can lead to an anticipated fiasco.  But if you have like 2 years to your big day, you can make super arrangements that will ultimately create a luminous D-day. In addition, for those who are chronic-worrier, a 3-month deadline could get you there so as to avoid too much depression.


  • The Season


Every season offers its own favorites and drawbacks. For example, winter offers great deals that one can save a few bucks while the fall and spring, which happen to be a famous wedding season, tend to a bit expensive.

In addition, summer can be a really hot season to put on formal dressing while winter can be really rainy or even snowy depending on your residence. However, spring and fall tend to be unpredictable.


  • Don’t seek too much Approval


Everyone may suggest that it is advisable to consult on the things you must have for your big day. But when it comes to selecting the dates, you do not need so many people to tell if the date is okay. Once the date has been chosen, that is it. Shift your focus on other things that will drive positive results to your wedding.


  • How about your Friends and Loved Ones?


In some instances, you may want to get married before or after your cousin or sister or even brother. That should be an aspect you must not leave out of consideration. Also, you may have family members expected to fly in from a far country, this connotes that you need to consider involving them in choosing the date they can be available for your much coveted day.


Now that you have met the few aspects or things that when put into consideration can bring desired results, feel free to incorporate them as strategies for choosing that big day. From the venue’s calendar to know when your family and friends can avail themselves are worth your little effort in ensuring you get the most convenient date for your wedding day.