If one does not have a good GMAT score, it may prove difficult to secure a seat at the school of one’s choice. As with most other competitive exams, you have a number of options for programs that can help you improve your score. However, not all of these programs are entirely reliable. Your GMAT preparation will take a lot of time and effort, on your part, so it is important to take up a program that will get you results. One such program is Experts’ Global’s GMAT Online Preparation Program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, here are some of the things that make its online GMAT prep program so effective.

High Quality Instructional Videos

Experts’ Global covers the GMAT syllabus, through a series of detailed but straightforward instructional videos. These videos are one of the cornerstones of Experts’ Global’s program. The program also has explanation videos for all of its practice questions and mock test questions, to ensure that the students are able to fully understand them.

Accuracy to the GMAT

One of the first things that you might notice about Experts’ Global’s GMAT Online Preparation is just how accurate its practice material is to the real GMAT. The program’s four-thousand practice questions and its mock test questions are all perfectly in line with the GMAT’s, in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. Furthermore, Experts’ Global’s scoring system is very much in line with GMAT’s scoring algorithm. This synchronicity can be seen in just how close the scores that Experts’ Global’s students get on their mocks are to their scores on the GMAT Prep mocks. Experts’ Global is uniquely excellent in this regard, their scoring system is much more in sync with the real GMAT’s than most others. Even the testing screen that the practice material is hosted on has been designed to be as close to the real GMAT’s as possible.

Number and Quality of Mock Tests

Experts’ Global’s program also comes with full-length GMAT mock tests. Most prep companies offer six tests, at most, but Experts’ Global has a full 15. Part of Experts’ Global’s approach to GMAT preparation is regular test taking, which is why they provide so many tests. According to Experts’ Global, the best way to develop exam strategies and the endurance needed to give GMAT, is to take frequent mock tests. The tests are also very good for understanding how much progress you have made, at every step of the preparations.

Weakness Diagnosis and Performance Analysis

Experts’ Global’s analytics software is an excellent tool. This software analyzes your performance on each mock test and exercise to let you know what your strongest and weakest areas are, how much time you took on the average question, which ones you took the most time on, etc. the software can also pinpoint what your biggest weak areas are, by analyzing your performance over your last few tests.

Extra Features

Experts’ Global has also developed several additional features for their Online GMAT Training Module. One rather noteworthy feature is their “flag” button. This feature allows you to mark and save the questions that you think you will need to come back to. This way it is much easier to come back to the questions that you think are important and go over them in detail. Otherwise, you would have to go through an entire exercise or test, just to find them again. Another very useful little feature is the “stickies”. The “stickies” are small, colored pop-up screens that you can use to take revision notes and then pin them to your “wall” for ease of reference. These are not major features but they are worth mentioning because they show just how much effort Experts’ Global has put into making their program as easy to use, as possible.

Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program is highly methodical. It progresses through the instruction phase and the levels of difficulty, at a very measured pace. Its instructional and practice material are both of very high quality. If you make proper use of this program, you are sure to see a great deal of improvement in your GMAT performance.