If there is one part of the human body that works endlessly, it is our feet. Our feet are constantly at work, enabling us to move around and finish our tasks daily. Our body, as a whole, needs to be cared for. While we indulge ourselves with self-care now and then, we forget to take care of the most important part of the body, our feet.

As our feet are subjected to more strain than other parts, there are higher chances of having foot related problems. Any sort of inconvenience can have a major effect on your life. Mentioned below are a few tips that help you with foot care-

  • Take the rest you need- Feet are the most over exerted part of the body. Hence they hurt frequently. The proper method to reduce such pain is by taking proper rest. Make sure to take some time off every day to give them the care they deserve. Soaking them in warm water, giving them a gentle massage and stretching helps relieve foot pain faster
  • Keep them clean- Washing your feet is like a rare phenomenon that you do once in a while. Even if you wash your feet daily, it is not with the same dedication as with other body parts. Unhygienic conditions like these can cause conditions like corn, calluses, and toenail fungus.  They can even lead to chronic problems which will demand immediate medical attention.
  • Comfort comes first- Footwear that is too tight can cause blisters and foot pain, footwear that is too loose can cause sore heels. Choosing shoes that are foot-friendly is an important thing to keep in mind. Heels should not be worn regularly, as it may cause permanent damage to the bone. Boots should also be carefully picked out. Blue steel boots are an epitome of comfort in this regard. The size and comfort of wearing them are given first priority based on what is best for your foot type.
  • Extra care for some- Majority of people suffers from diabetes. Foot-care should become a priority for such people. Any injury on the feet can lead to dangerous consequences for diabetic people. It is best to keep your feet protected and maintain a normal blood sugar level to avoid complications.
  • Say no to smelly feet- Always keep your feet neat and dry. Rubbing in some lotion before wearing your shoes is a good way to keep them soft and smell nice. You should also avoid wearing the same pair of socks for more than a day. Do not wear the same shoe daily. This ensures that your shoe gets enough time to breathe. Another tip to get rid of smelly feet is soaking them in vinegar and water.
  • Be aware- Foot defects are very common among people. While some are born with it, others develop them after an age. Being aware of the changes and the patterns of pain can provide doctors with inside into the problem. They can be cured over time with simple foot exercises and physical therapy.
  • Shop wisely- As mentioned earlier, comfort beats anything else while shopping for shoes. Buying shoes should be done patiently and the correct way. Wearing shoes that you are not accustomed to causes serious damage. Regularly wearing flats is also not healthy, as they do not have arch support. Get footwear that gives your feet enough support.

Also, make sure that you are wearing socks when you buy new shoes. It will prevent you from buying smaller sizes.  Wearing the shoes on both the feet and walking around will assure you of how comfortable they are. Following the above tips and ensuring that you purchase the right pair of shoes will keep your feet healthy and happy for long.