Cape Town is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. One of the top reasons people visit Cape Town is its beaches. While the Atlantic Ocean may not be the warmest water on the planet the water in summer is not totally off-putting, but the beaches are some of the most stunning in the world. From pristine sandy beaches to beaches with rock pools, Cape Town has it all. So, what are the best beaches in Cape Town?

The hottest beach for cool people

This title has to go to Clifton 4th beach. This is THE beach for the in the crowd and for those who love to top up their tan. The soft white sand and the crystal-clear blue water are the two things that pull in the most beautiful people in Cape Town and from around the world.

The beach for surfers

Nearly every beach in Cape Town is a good beach for surfers. However, to stand out among the surfing beaches one must be good in all aspects of surfing. For this Muizenberg beach is the winner. A fantastic beach and all surfers will tell you that this beach has the most inviting, friendly waves anywhere in Cape Town.

The windy Kiteboard beaches

Surfers love Muizenberg but if you want a beach where your kite and surfboard can be used together then the long windy stretch of beach between the Dolphin Beach Hotel and Doodles is the beach for you. Perfect levels of good wind nearly all year round this beach is perfect for the kiteboarders and thrill seekers.

Long Lazy Beach Walks

Any of the beaches in Cape Town are great for walking on but when it comes to long walks or even riding a horse in the surf Noordhoek Beach comes up tops. This amazing beach is one of the most spectacular on the Cape and you feel like you can just walk and never stop.

Beaches for wildlife

If you want to head to the beach to be at one with nature and explore some of the marine wildlife that the Cape is famous for then you need to head to either Boulders Beach or Kalk Bay. These town beaches team with wildlife, boulder, especially with its colony of penguins and they, make amazing beach days out.

Totally Stunning and out of the way

One of the lesser known beaches that the savvy beach lover has to visit is Silwerstroom. Tucked away up the West Coast this impressive nature reserve is a beach that has it all. Secluded and peaceful there are places to swim, fish or just soak up the sun.

The best family beaches

The guys from Kommetjiebeachretreats have mentioned that if you searching for a beach that has everything a family wants for a fantastic day out the beach of all beaches is Kommetjie. It has water you can swim in, waves that are good for surfing, a beach that soaks up the sun and has been known as one of the best beaches in the world for decades. If you want the perfect all around your beach this is your answer.