In recent years, a host of online interior design services have emerged correlating with the mass consumption of internet trends and revolutionized online communications. With so many existing online services to choose from, it can be difficult picking the right service to suit you and your design style and requirements. Here are the best online interior design services you can pick from to ensure the best for your home.



Homepolish has shaken up the world of interior design by offering a highly professional and experienced home decorating service at strikingly reasonable prices. The Homepolish design packages run differently to others offering an hour rate instead of a per room with over 20 different design tasks from site surveying, to hanging a gallery wall or bidding contractors.


When you have purchased your hours, you can use your designer to perform any of the design services within their department. Although Homepolish are at the more expensive end of competitors, they are very heavily service-based and offer complimentary consultations for maximum support along the way.


Planner 5D

This is a self-service interior design tool that anyone can use to create professional floorplans and 3D models. The application can be accessed for free whereby you can use the basic tools however you are limited to only five options within the catalogue for each design element such as the architectural features, furniture and 3D previews. To gain access to over 3,000 design items, contemporary furniture designs and advanced architectural features, you are required to purchase one of the package options. This is a great programme if you like to visualise as the it lets you create realistic renderings allowing you to see an accurate depiction of the finished product.



Modsy merges professional interior design services with DIY design. You begin the service by taking pictures and measurements of the space you would like to re-design. After taking the Modsy style quiz and sharing your budget, project needs and existing furniture, Modsy designers work hard at creating two custom 3D design plans of your room. You will then personally work with the design team and 3D style editor to fine tune your designs to ensure they are perfect. You can then shop directly from your finalised plan in one checkout even to the smallest of details like which kitchen dining sets you have chosen. This service is super easy and makes the experience of design enjoyable. There are many opportunities for customization, so you feel completely in control of the process as well as feeling supported. Being able to purchase the furniture all in one go makes the process even simpler and quicker.


Homewings aims to offer the finest design service at affordable prices, making it accessible to the wider market. Homewings uses their online platform to match you with a designer that is best suited to your style preferences and design requirements. You can watch your ideas come to life with your designers tailored furniture recommendations and décor ideas and if you are unsure or unhappy with something, your designers will fix it until it is perfect. You can shop for your chosen furniture directly through Homewings making your interior design experience, quick and easy.