If you’re finally all set to hit the gym and sweat all those calories out, grab your gym bag and start your journey to a perfectly toned body. But first, make sure you check out a few tips on what to bring along with you. Your gym bag needs to be packed with a full spectrum of workout essentials, from towels, through extra clothes and a few other necessities that will make each gym session much easier to handle.

Training shoes

Bringing an extra pair of shoes should go without saying, but just in case you’re having second thoughts – always pack a pair of extra training shoes that you’ll only be using while working out indoors. All the dust that you bring on the shoes, that you’ve been wearing on your way from home to the gym, will contribute to plenty of health issues, and the last thing you need is extra grime and dust to inhale during the workout.

Extra clothes

During a strenuous workout, your clothes will likely be soaking wet, as will your body, which is why you’ll need dry clothes to wear on the way home. Not only will you avoid smelling bad, but by keeping yourself dry, you won’t risk catching a cold. This is precisely why you should always have an extra sports bra and a t-shirt in your gym bag. A pair of socks will keep your feet dry and prevent odors, as well. Whether you’ll shower at the gym or not, it’s always a good idea to change your underwear as well, because chances are, they’re also going to be quite moist from all the perspiration, and you don’t want the wetness to make you uncomfortable or even spread all over your leggings.

Water bottle

A bottle of water is another essential you shouldn’t leave your house without. You’ll need to hydrate your body during workouts, and fresh water is the best source of hydration. You can also grab your True Protein shaker and mix in a protein shake so you can have a nutritious and energetic beverage after your gym session. What’s more, whip up a shake at home, and drink up some before the workout, for a bit of energy boost.

Wet wipes

Washing the smell of the gym off your face is the first thing you’ll want to do after the workout is done, so make sure you have a pair of wet wipes in your gym bag as well. You’ll easily refresh your face and disinfect it at the same time. Sweat mixed with all the dust can cause breakouts, so clean your skin thoroughly, immediately after the workout, and use wet wipes that will remove oil, dirt, and impurities, making your skin fresh and revitalized.

A towel

Aside from a pack of wet wipes, you’ll need a towel to help you carefully wash and dry your body after the gym session. What’s more, think about having two towels, and use one during the workout to wipe the sweat out, and refresh during the breaks. Consider bringing a bigger towel with you, in case you decide to take a shower at the gym instead of waiting to shower at home.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has become every woman’s best friend. In only a matter of seconds, you can transform your messy hair into a glamorous hairstyle. A can of dry shampoo will be especially handy after a gym session if your hair needs a glam retouch. It’ll absorb all the wetness and give you the volume you need to look amazing, without anyone realizing you’ve just spent an hour sweating your soul out.


If you’re one of the people who can only do their best on a treadmill while listening to their favorite tunes, then you need a pair of headphones in your gym bag as well. Fill your phone with all the beats that make you want to bust a move, and isolate yourself from all the gossip and annoying chatting that often goes around at the gym.


Water is not the only essential that will keep you going, so you need to pack some snacks in your gym bag as well. A banana is a great source of energy, so make sure you have some kind of fruit with you. An apple or even slices of mixed fruit would make a delicious snack. You need to be fuelled for your sweat session so feel free to have a protein bar with you as well.

Final thoughts

From training shoes, extra clothes, water, and to wet wipes, towels, dry shampoo, headphones and snacks, your gym bag needs to be filled with essentials that will help you go through a strenuous workout, and make you feel fresh and clean after you’re done with the gym. Therefore, make a list of all the previously mentioned necessities and always have them with you during workouts.