When it comes to eCommerce, we can safely say that the entire matter definitely changed a lot in the last couple of years, with many new strategies, and business plans available. If there’s a thing that definitely changed a lot, that would definitely be the technological development approach that many companies are using for their eCommerce platform. Let’s analyse in detail, therefore, why eCommerce technological development is a major aspect within the industry and why 2019 will be a pivotal year for what concerns the matter.


Machine Learning: Everyone’s Major Target

Automation in development technology is one of the biggest focuses in many blue-chip companies. We’ve seen this matter being recently covered in Alibaba‘s development plan and, given the fact that the Chinese titan has seen a net +70% growth in productivity just by creating an entirely automated stocking process, we can clearly see why. Of course, machine learning for eCommerce isn’t just limited to SKUs and products management, but it also heavily revolves on personalization for what concerns both the architecture of an online portal and its catalogue: by processing big data, in fact, many website personalization tools are able to tailor a website’s catalogue to the impressions’ preferences, automatically.


Business Evolution: From Physical Products To Services

If there’s a business model which many eCommerce entrepreneurs embraced in the last couple of years, that would definitely be drop shipping. In 2019, given the fact that the drop shipping scene (the one which is, in particular, using Shopify and Oberlo) is pretty much ultra-saturated, which is the reason why the whole model is moving towards another strategy, which is called drop surfing. The whole objective of such a strategy is simple: provide services from other suppliers, on a perfectly optimised online portal. Companies like Bridging Loans, which are indeed offering open bridging loans services, are the biggest and brightest example of such a business plan, but sites like Expedia have been doing this for years already.


To Conclude

Although these are just two of the biggest technological and business-related development plans for what concerns eCommerce in 2019, we can safely say that they are the most likely to succeed in the nearest future. In fact, companies like Apple have already started to invest into Python developers (which is the universal coding language for Machine Learning) and Amazon has already started to include many online portals into its development plans for 2020. The future of eCommerce is now!