Recognised in horse racing betting as one of the most trusted methods of finding horse racing tips that are worth backing, all reliable horse racing betting websites now provide their own Nap of the Day. A frustrating issue with backing nap tips is that they’re often misunderstood by a section of punters who aren’t as knowledgeable with horse racing or the many terms which come with betting on it. Although you’ll often see a lot of people overestimating the meaning behind a nap, it’s actually very simple, with it being based around the single horse tip from the day that’s the most likely to land ahead of all others.

The internet has become a catalogue for horse racing betting tips, and the best websites will cater to a dedicated page for daily Nap of the Day tips. By doing this, they’re able to show consistency in how often they win as well as transparency in their record for winning and losing over every day of the week. As the entire concept of a Nap of the Day is focused around consistency and transparency, most websites that cater to their own version are likely to be trustworthy enough, but it doesn’t mean that they’re certain to win. If you’re looking for reliable and insightful Nap of the Day bets, most websites will:

Avoid focusing on profit and value

As with all areas of betting, it’s always tempting to go for profit, even if the extra selection or riskier bet ruins any chance of winning. This is acceptable with most methods of betting as long as it’s done responsibly, but it’s far from applicable with picking a Nap of the Day. Some websites will even provide a nap with a price as low as 1/10, with it seeming slightly bewildering as you’d need to apply a massive stake in order to get anything substantial in terms of returns, but it not mattering due it being to prove you can win a bet and not being a way of finding value in your horse racing bets.

Provide reasoning behind each Nap tip

No bet ever seems worth backing without the facts and figures to provide clarity on what’s being predicted. It can’t be stressed enough how important this is with finding a reliable Nap of the Day, where respectable horse tipsters will offer reasoning and statistics behind the horse they’re suggesting. By not catering to this level of information around a nap bet, there’s little to no reason in believing the worth of the chosen horse, making this hypothetical Nap of the Day seem extremely obsolete compared to one with reasons to bet on it.

Offer a Nap of the Day without any exceptions

It will come as no surprise to learn that a Nap of the Day is meant to be something that occurs over every day of the year without fail, with Christmas Day being the only potential exception. Any tipster that runs their own Nap of the Day page will make sure that there’s a nap tip on that page over every day where horse racing is taking place. Leaving one day empty might not seem like a big deal, but a lot of punters would see this as an attempt to cover up a losing nap, making them harder to trust than other alternatives.