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We always in the search of ways from where we can get good returns of investment and the real estate property business is one such. But the question arises which rental properties are better – single family homes or multiple family homes? Sydney Property valuer says single family homes are better than multiple family homes. Read ahead to know why single family homes are better investment option according to property valuer Sydney. 

  1. Easily affordable – Single family homes are usually smaller in size as compare to multiple family homes. Which makes it affordable. Even new real estate investors who don’t have much idea about the property world and don’t have huge amount of money they too can invest their money in the real estate property business by buying the single family home for an investment purpose.
  1. Easy to get the tenants – Single family homes are the choice of many tenants. Because it gives privacy and sense of self home as they are the only one who lives there. So It becomes easy for property investors to get the tenants for single family homes rather than multiple family homes.
  1. Better tenants – Valuers Sydney says from their experience that single family homes attract better tenants than multiple family homes. Because the number of tenants are more in multiple family homes and it becomes tough task for owner to handle such huge number of cleints. Single family home means single tenant which becomes easy for the owner.
  1. Keeps property proper – The biggest concerns of the property owner while renting the property is – they want the tenants who pays rent and utility bills on time, keeps the property appropriately, and doesn’t harm your property. Which single family home renters are more likely to do.
  1. Stay for long time – It has been found that single families home tenant stays for long time at a same place which saves investor‘s time in finding the new tenant every time. Even the tenants who stays for long time they treat the property like their own. Even some single family home tenants maintain the property very well and make the repairment also.
  1. Less issues – Multiple family home means multiple families stay together which gives invitation to more issues. More people means more problems. The multiple family homes have issues over various things like – who will mow the garden, who will look after the patio and garage, who will maintain the home from outside, who is responsible for cleaning and sprucing up the property from outside. These issues create disputes which becomes hard for an investor or owner to solve. Whereas while owning single family home investor haven’t to face any such problems.
  2. Pays their utility bills – Single family (SF) pays their utility bills as they are the only one who uses those services. Whereas the multiple family homes it becomes the liability of the property owner to pay the utility bills as there lives more than one family and nobody will get ready to pay those bills. Which turns out as an extra expenditure for the property investor.

Thus single family homes are better than multiple family homes. For better investment decisions and property valuation services contact Sydney property valuer.