Illiteracy is a disease whereby no one is able to read and write. In its simplest form, it can be defined as being small of any or sufficient education. Sometimes people who have had very basic education also knowledge challenges in reading and writing .

Illiteracy can also mean unawareness or the be short of knowledge in a specific subject. For example, someone may have gone to school but does not identify how to operate a computer. Like someone has no literacy in computer and is known as computer illiterate. A mistake in reading or writing that is seen to be distinguishing of an illiterate person is also referred to as illiteracy. For this definition, verbal communication or letter that has numerous errors can be said to be full of illiteracies.

Functional illiteracy, alternatively, is used to describe a position where a person has writing and reading skills considered insufficient to make employment duties that demand reading and script skills that go further than the basic level (Gender, Age, Race, Geographical Location, Cultures).


Main Causes of Illiteracy.

There are so many causes why an individual can be illiterate. These are  many causes of the inability to read or write:

Illiteracy Between Parents

Many parents do not highlight the value of education. Many people who neither read nor write are unusual. It is especially true in remote areas, where many people have not gone through formal education. The reverse is true for those who have been brought up with a wide range of educational backgrounds. They feel their need to take their children to school and therefore make sure they get a good education.

Family Support

It may be more than an extraordinary reason, where it is difficult to read or write the child due to dyslexia. In a situation where the family’s child does not care about the condition, it can only be assumed that she is not a bright person and maybe the school is not for everyone. Defender family members are able to overcome child disability and go through formal education with at least challenges.


Some people believe that any person needs to go to school so that they can get good work and make a good living. Without the promise of employment, education is not needed. In a country where many educated people are unemployed, they cannot be encouraged to go to an unusual school. After all, they think, there is no promise to return on investment when you spend a lot of money for your education? In countries where people go to school, there are good jobs and proper income, there are factors that can encourage people to get rid of unemployment.

Lack of Knowledge

In places where many members of the local population do not understand why it is necessary for them to go to school, the level of literacy can be higher. The benefits of formal learning can also be the cause of awareness about the importance of going to school. The number of ordinary people in urban areas is less than those in rural areas. Most people need to know the need to eliminate unemployment, the challenges that are lacking education and in remote areas, the social benefits of sleep compared to those people.

Social Obstacle

Restricting many social obstacles such as girls’ education causes some unemployment among the population affected by the population. Education of the girl’s child has been a problem in some parts of the world due to which many organizations formulate the focus on women’s education. Forcing children to marry is another social problem that causes unemployment in the community. Family or social standards in which women’s education is not permitted, they also become unmatched. In a society where the caste system is still in power, those who fall into the wrong race cannot get the opportunity to go to school. Their birth is condemned to be extraordinary

Lack of Inexpensive Education

People living in remote areas can be extraordinary with a few or no educational facilities. The closest school may be several miles away. Instead of going through a long-running process, instead of going to school, many people choose to stay in the house. The lack of access to education facilities in rural areas has played a significant role in the number of unemployed people in these places.

Low Income

Low-income poor parents are hard to pay for school fees. They are forced to choose basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes and their children to go to school. In countries where basic education is not free, the number of schools that do not go to a school where the basic education is free and mandatory.



Education costs cannot be minimized. Many people like to think about it as just as the process of achieving the necessary skills and skills required for employees. Somebody can learn the ability to solve the problem and develop social intelligence necessary to overcome everyday life challenges, so society is not modern society. Most people who have gone to school, mostly community. Everyone has the desire to study and get knowledge because of the major benefits of literature