All of us like to create New Year’s Resolutions, it’s fun and it helps us at least try to grow as individuals each and every year into more rounded people. Of course, keeping ourselves accountable once we’ve made these resolutions is a whole different story, and we all have fallen victim to giving up around the middle of February on our resolutions.

That’s exactly why we’re happy to have teamed up with eric worre go pro to help us learn what we all should do in terms of reflecting on 2018 and learning how we should go about growing ourselves in 2019 and sticking to it. The struggle can definitely be real when it comes to maintaining New Year’s Resolutions, so the following 5 tips are here to help you keep it real and make sure you stick to your guns next year for the betterment of yourself!

Tell Everyone About Your Resolution(s)

When you tell people about your business plan or your desired personal improvements pretty blatantly it in a way forces you to do these things even when you aren’t going to feel like doing it. Everyone is a man of their word, and so if you put your word up with your resolution it makes it a lot more real and a lot more important to you and your own personal reputation. People will start tuning into your progress and everything about your resolution, and having an audience is a great motivation to keep going when things seem a little bit bleak. So this is a really great positive reinforcement towards maintaining New Year’s Resolutions, and it’s a great first step.

Find Someone to Workout With

When it comes to exercise, a lot of people fall off the wagon when they are going at it alone. This is something that has been known forever in the world of fitness and athletics, and so if you want to remain healthy and consistently working out then having a partner to go at it with is definitely a great motivation. This doesn’t have to only apply to exercise, and this could also mean anything and any type of resolution.

Just by reaching out to someone else and having them on your team you’ll be able to have them push you and make sure you are remaining accountable towards your plan. Getting feedback and motivation is huge with these things, so having someone to fall back on is always a huge support.

Make your Environment Productive and Positive

If you’re going to stay on track with your resolution then you’ll want to make sure you are keeping yourself as far away from distractions and anything that doesn’t push yours towards your goals and overall excellence. This is a big part of the previous tip of having a partner with you who is there to help you out, because the people you surround yourself with is going to be a huge factor in terms of how well refined your environment is. Make sure your friends demand excellence from not only yo but themselves.

Create Rewards

It’s always a really great idea to set up some kind of smaller goals to keep you motivated as you go about striving towards your major 2019 goals, and this can be fun little things that help break up your progress. Maybe it means a vacation around April or a special night out or some kind of gift to yourself. Anything that is tangible and motivates you to stay focused can be one of these goals.

Create Penalties

Just like we have rewards we should also have penalties for when we screw up our goals and get sidetracked. Pain definitely motivates us a lot more than pleased because of our human nature, so the combination of both rewards and penalties will keep you motivated to strive for more and concentrated to not fail or get distracted throughout the process.

These penalties don’t need to be anything too serious, maybe it’s just taking up the tab when you go out with your friends or returning a recently purchased item. Have your workout partner help you set up this penalty system and make sure they are keeping track of your progress and holding you accountable.