With illogical, orthodox and insensitive laws being left behind for good, and the dawn of an all-inclusive comprehension of gender and sexuality spreading like wildfire, the time has come to acknowledge a community full of exceptional people. A community, deprived of equality, and frowned upon when it continues to thrive on hatred and criticism, now enjoys its rights of not being labeled as criminals. Irrespective of what someone’s gender or sexuality is, the right to relish the beauty of life and to immerse in the oasis of love should be a fundamental right. The study, understanding and acceptance of India’s gender diversity, has made evident transformational impacts, aiding the improvement in the quality of life of both gay and lesbian individuals in the community.

An unprejudiced workplace, educational institution and household for the LGBTQ in India, is what we as fellow humans should achieve. This, in turn, leads to an extensive development in the economy as well. Let’s come to the point and not dismember our brains with numbers and stats. Experiencing the pleasures of love and leisure is what we look forward to while planning a vacation or taking a short weekend break from work. One would personally want to spend their time away from the migraine-inducing sounds of the blaring horns in the inevitable traffic jams, the convoluting presentations, and the smothering deadlines.

LGBTQ Hotels Bringing Forward a Revolution

This same feeling of escaping from the mundane and the incorrigible is felt by everyone, regardless of them being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Isn’t this why the hospitality industry came into existence in the first place; to cater to our desires of delving into the exotic and the rejuvenating delights of nature and leisure? With the same intent, there has emerged a list of hotels in India, available for online room booking, which has avidly considered the acceptance and inclusion and opened their doors of LGBTQ in India. These hotels have brought forward a revolution in the commercial and humanitarian aspects of hospitality.

Following the Footsteps

  • Tree of life Resort and Hotels, Jaipur, situated among the Aravalli Hills, offers unprecedented leisure, style, beauty and top-notch service by also being LGBTQ friendly. The resort exhibits a set of 13 luxury villas placed around 7 acres of land within a 30-minute drive from the lively city.
  • RAAS, Jodhpur, which was conceived from the union of contemporary and ancient styles is the hotel’s trademark look. Its courtyard is a serene shelter, aloof of the bustling town and openly supports LGBTQ in India.
  • The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra, ranked as the Best Resort Hotel in India, boasts an unparalleled ranking in Agra. Its architecture comprising of a Mughal-styled quadrant and gushing fountains is a sight to savor.
  • Old Harbour Hotel, Kerala, which is at the heart of the significant Fort Cochin, emits scintillating vibes of history and culture and is one of the friendliest LGBTQ hotels.
  • Taj Green Cove Resort & Spa, Kovalam, is situated away from the city to serve you with serenity, luxury and privacy.

This list, although not a broad one, elucidates how the LGBTQ community can now enjoy the freedom to its truest form, and in order to deliver this experience to you in its pure form, enters StayUncle. Spread across 40 Indian cities, StayUncle aims to provide effortless and superfast online room booking services for both married and unmarried couples, irrespective of their sexual preferences of being gay or lesbian.