Buying a sapphire can be a big decision. This precious gemstone is revered for its illustrious sheen and deep blue color. Since antiquity, it has been a gem loved by the royalty. Sapphire is found in different colors including pink, white, and yellow. But, blue is symbolic and the most well-known color of this amazing stone. Blue sapphire gemstone is precious but, its value can be determined by the authenticity and quality of the stone.

As a discerning buyer, you should be able to distinguish between an inferior and high-grade sapphire gemstone. Here are some essential tips to help:

Evaluate the Color of Blue Sapphire:

When buying a colored stone like sapphire, color is the key determinant of its quality. It is the most distinctive property of the stone. At the time of buying blue sapphire, you should consider the factors like hue, saturation, and tone of the gem. While hue is the balance of different colors, tone is the lightness or darkness of the color.

Similarly, saturation defines vividness of the stone. The hue of the stone should be as close to the desired color as possible. You should prefer medium to dark tones and bright saturation of color in this stone. Blue Sapphire stone price can be slightly higher for such high-quality pieces but they are truly worth this cost.

Evaluate the Luster and Clarity of the Stone:

Sapphires are the natural gemstones that can be hardly found without any imperfections or inclusions. A flawless gemstone without any inclusion is virtually non-existent or extremely rare. All the blue sapphire gemstones have some rutile inclusions that can be removed by heat treatments.

But, such stones command a lower price than gemstones with fewer inclusions. As a type-1 gemstone, Neelam stone is a fine grade gem that’s free from visible inclusions. Hence, you should check the stone closely to locate the imperfections if any.


Evaluate the Cut of the Stone:

Similar to the color and clarity, cut of a gemstone is also an obviously visible characteristic. It can affect the brilliance of color and size of the stone. When looking for authentic sapphires buy well-cut stones that are symmetrical.

They reflect light at the desired angles and enhance the luster of the stone. For example, an oval-cut sapphire stone should have a perfect oval shape and it shouldn’t be lopsided.

Evaluate the Carat Weight of the Stone:

The original Neelam stone price largely depends on its carat weight. It has a higher relative density when compared to that of the diamonds. As such, sapphire having same carat weight might be smaller in size than a diamond stone.

Therefore, you should never use the size of the stone as a yardstick to measure its weight. Rather, ask about the carat weight to determine the blue sapphire price per carat.

Apart from these factors, you should also ask about its origin and color enhancing treatments given to the stone. Remember these points to buy genuine stones from a trusted store like Whichever seller you choose, they must have a huge variety backed by detailed catalogs, videos, and free certificate given by a recognized gemstone laboratory.