When planning the webinars, we do spend a lot of time searching out about how to prepare for webinars and how to write a meeting agenda. But only a few people pay heed to what type of webinar platform they are choosing. While there are some very good platforms, it gets hard to pick the right one among the best evergreen webinar platforms that are available around. So, here are a few things that will help you in deciding on which software will work great for you.

Who is attending?

First of all, start with knowing about the people that are attending your webinar. If you have individuals that belong to senior citizens’ category, getting a platform which requires installation, plugins, and add-ons would not be a wise move. On the other hand, individuals that plan on targeting the individuals who belong to youngsters’ group should always pay attention to the cross device compatibility of the platform i.e. the software should work on computers as well as on mobile devices.

Number of attendees

Also, get to know about the number of individuals that will participate in the webinar. Usually, there will be a limit and many platforms charge the hosts for the number of people they have with them. So, figure out if you will be hosting 50 people or there will be 500. The thing is that some of the individuals will look up to participating in live discussions while others prefer getting a webinar recording later which can be used to extract the contents and study from the meeting.

Your budget

Budget matters a lot and you have to keep your eyes at it when selecting a platform. There are software that may offer you a free demo or trial and then there are companies which would only ask you to pay if you exceed a specific limit of resource or want to use some premium features. Generally, it can be anywhere between $20 and $1000 or, in some rare cases, even more.

Make sure that you know which features are ‘nice to have’ and which ones are ‘necessary’ so that you can avoid the former if they are exceeding your budget. Also, the price can matter according to the attendees too because the more the attendees the more resources platform will have to engage in facilitating your webinar.

Guest speakers

There are certain hosts that look forward to calling guest speakers when they are planning the webinars. So, you need to be careful about this too and some platforms offer you a chance to get two to five guest speakers to engage with you. But particular measures will have to be taken for that and you should know about the admin console and controls which can be assigned and used to control the attendees as well as guest speakers when hosting a webinar.

What else?

Apart from the above, don’t forget to check about the webinar recording options. Also, take a look at the audience engagement and in what ways that can communicate with you. There might be other features such as surveys and polls that can be up for consideration according to how you want to make things work.