Assam is one of the most peaceful and mystical places that one can ever visit. With tea plantations spread across a mile of land and the beautiful smell of freshly watered soil in the air, it reminds of the perfect destination to find solace. When we decided to visit Assam, there was no doubt that it was going to turn out to be the most exciting journey. The train is one of the most convenient and budget-friendly ways of travelling for middle-class families, we decided to go for it. The number of trains that travel from New Delhi to Assam are tremendous. Guwahati is the destination that the train drops you at. With more than 10 trains to choose from, we opted for Rajdhani express. It left the New Delhi railway station around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and it took us more than 24 hours to reach.

As the journey began, I had jitters and couldn’t wait to reach the beautiful fields of Guwahati. When we got out of the city limits of Delhi, I could feel the air get less busy and more peaceful. Big farms and factories surrounded me with their own charm. I went into the complete state of nirvana by the time we reached Bareilly. Interrupting my state of nirvana came a lady sitting next to me, talking so loudly about her life being perfect! This made me question, is life truly perfect? or is it just a way of our psyche to cope with the worst. I looked at the kid sitting in front of me and wondering whether his life was perfect!. Observing his face, all I saw was mere innocence mixed with a sense of curiosity that comes with every little detail of life at such a tender age.

Such a quality expires as we grow old and self-centred and gets renewed only after we start cherishing every moment. As all these insights were crossing my mind, I saw a tea vendor and decided to buy one of Bareilly’s special tea. It was so sugary that at first, I hated it but then I developed a taste for it. Gulping down every sip I realized how I don’t want this ride to end so that I can enjoy the rhythm that silence brings with it. I took my blanket and opened my bunk to stretch my legs and lie down for a while. My mind filled with dreams of my own but my brain still consciously awake. It was one of the most relaxing naps after a long time, with no deadlines or work. I open my eyes and I see heaven on earth, one of the lush green gardens of Jalpaiguri. There were no words to explain what I had just seen, just a quaint feeling of being complete.

As we moved forward I could see the toy train pass by, women working on tea fields, a few homes etc. I caught a glimpse of the famous Kaziranga national park and had made up my mind about visiting it. We then passed the Majuli island, which was so clean, like a breath of fresh air. Soon as you know, we had reached the Guwahati station, even though I knew my final destination had arrived, I know that I had made some everlasting memories on this train journey as well.