A pediatric consultation is a very common medical process which involves the diagnosis and assessment of health conditions that are affecting children and to a certain extent to teens as well.

These doctors mostly look after the overall health and wellness of children by taking preventive measures. There are many child specialists in Bangalore whom one can consult if their child is suffering from any physical or mental problem that is affecting their health.

Pediatrics when described properly is a branch of medical science that deals with medical needs, especially for children. A doctor who specializes in this is known as a pediatrician.  They need to spend many years in studies and then training in this particular field. These doctors begin with a 4 years undergraduate program and then study for another 4 years in medical school. Then they enter into a proper residency program under an accredited hospital for the next 3 years. After that, they become a properly certified pediatrician who is ready to practice individually as well.

Not only this, but pediatrics also has subspecialties, including but not limited to oncology, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, and even psychology. Sub specializing requires some additional years in a fellowship program.

Pediatrics as said earlier is intended to medically treat children who can be from the age range of zero months to 12 years. But at present, there are many doctors who also take care of teenagers or young adults up to 20 years old. After such age, they normally seek out an internist, who specializes in adult medicine, although some would retain their family care physician.

Pediatric consultations may be carried out in certain cases. They are as follows:


This refers to the prevention of a particular disease by helping the body to develop certain immunity powers against the pathogens that are causing it. Vaccination is one of the most common forms of immunization. Children require vaccination against diseases such as measles, smallpox, rubella, diphtheria, and hepatitis, among others. As they grow older, they would receive booster shots as a means of reinforcing the effects of the first round of vaccination. The pediatrician takes care of this vaccination schedule for a child and they take care of it.

Treatment of congenital deformities

Not all the congenital deformities are to be treated, especially when they cause no pain or do not limit the functions and mobility of the body. But they are needed to be corrected. Children may have to undergo some surgery or some excision removal in which case not only a pediatrician but also an experienced surgeon has to intervene as well.

Prevention of disease

Pediatricians not only treat diseases, but they also prevent them. Usually, children have to be brought to the clinic or hospital for annual checkups. In this manner too, the doctor can monitor the growth and development of the child.

Psychiatric and behavioral therapy

One can also consult them if their child is showing any early signs of mental problems.

Taking your child to a specialist thus always matters.