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Most companies and organizations are constantly struggling to recruit and retain desired talents for longer. Millennial used to hop from one company to the next frequently and easily.

Due to volatility in the job market HR departments are in search of the way to improve employee engagement, hence retention. According to a survey by Gallup, nearly 65% of participant employees have complaints regarding lack of any recognition program with a year in their current jobs.

89% of employees admitted that they are leaving jobs for the sake of high salaries, but the majority of them also cited that lack of employee recognition program is a major concern for them to leave the current job.

These facts & figures are pinpointing the significance of employee motivation through recognition programs like distributing corporate trophies in the modern corporate world.

Now, suppose an organization is declaring corporate trophies for its various motivational programs then what employees should at their part to earn those trophies.

Employers or HR departments used to offer corporate trophies for the following main purposes:

  1. Top production awards for individuals and the teams.
  2. Top quality work trophies.
  3. The best innovative idea trophies.
  4. The excellent team lead trophy
  5. The best customer/client service trophies
  6. The perfect attendance awards.
  7. The best sales trophies.
  8. The best company milestone achievement awards.

The titles of corporate trophies are self-descriptive and indicate employees that what they have to do to grab those corporate awards. Let’s check these eight (8) best ways that lead employees to earn corporate trophies.

Corporate Trophies for High Production Volume

Manufacturing companies are aiming to increase their production volume in more number of products per employees or unit. Similarly, sales and services companies want to increase their overall productivity hence, the revenues.

Whatever the niche industry you belong to, examine the fact that what are the production standards prevailing in the market and capacities of one human being to produce with a day or week like a unit.

Against those standard data, compare the expectations of your company to win an award and try to reach that target gradually, not overnight by becoming a workhorse. The consistency in work always appreciated by the smart management.

Corporate Trophies for Top Quality Work

Apart from the volume, quality of work matters more in some industries, particularly in customer-facing work where the employees have to bring business, enhance reputation, augment brand, and improve the overall quality of work in production.

The majority of corporations have fixed criteria and parameters to decide the quality of work. Therefore, inquire for those all or ask your supervisors to explain it because supervisors have to provide everything in their reports, so they know these things better than others.

The Best Innovative Idea Corporate Trophies

In the highly competitive era, every business struggles for outstanding performance in the market. Companies are striving for innovative ideas and contributions to cut the costs, increase sales and revenues, and boost the overall branding in the market to sustain as well as grow further.

If you have experiences, vision, and creative mind to bring practical ideas to contribute your company, you should learn how to present your idea to the company management via the proper channel and take responsibility to convert those ideas into reality.

Corporate Trophies for Excellent Team Leader

Most corporations have different teams working in each department segregated based on the work, roles, or expertise. These teams have team leaders to lead the team in the right direction to contribute positively to the growth of the company.

Some team leaders have natural abilities to lead the team while many acquire it through hard learning. If you are one of those competing team leaders, you must focus on the expectations of the management from you as a leader and focus on the team to achieve it. You must know how to train your subordinates and how to motivate, inspire, and facilitates them to achieve your defined goals.

Corporate Trophies for Best Customer/Client Service

Customers always appreciate responsive and timely supports & services by the brand. Post-sale customer supports always become a matter of discussion in social media on brand pages. Considering the sensitivity of customer service, businesses allocate special support and service teams offering round-the-clock access through the latest communication channels including social networking sites.

If you belong to the customer service department, ask your supervisor or team leader/manager regarding the criteria decided for customer service trophies. Learn how to improve your performance and increase your contributions to teamwork.

Corporate Trophies for Perfect Attendance

In the majority of companies attendance of employees on work is equally important compared to how they work. Full attendance and regular attendance indicates the success of employee engagement strategy and implementation.

Productivity increases with the active participation of employees in everyday tasks. Therefore, companies implement various technologies, tools, and tweaks to increase perfect presence.

Despite such measures, many employees try to keep themselves away from the company job using loopholes like regular leaves, casual leaves, and events, celebrations, and various festivals related leaves.

To cut the volunteer leaves, the company often declare awards for the highest and active attendance of the employees. Management also correlates the productivity of the individuals or teams while granting the attendance trophies.

The best way is to avoid taking volunteer leave if possible and attend the workshop with full-hearted efforts.

Corporate Trophies for Best Sales

The sale is a grueling field. Salespersons have to foster relationships with much diverse nature of people. They always have to push their boundaries to achieve new targets implementing their human relationship knowledge, techniques, and tweaks prevailing in the contemporary era.

A deep study of customer behavior, sales patterns, and market trends demand time, resources, and most importantly energy to keep all consistently. If you want to win sales corporate trophies, you must go through all daunting processes and improve your sales related performance and hit the given targets.

Corporate Trophies for Best Team

Often companies want to encourage healthy competitions among their working teams, mostly in the same industry niche. They emphasize team collaboration to foster the sense of the teamwork among the team members. Peer participation, attending core values defined for the team, and interpersonal relationships among team members and with team manager are some of the criteria fixed for the corporate trophies for the best team.

You must know those criteria in details and try to contribute as well as motivate other peers participating in the team to achieve that pride.


What Can Corporates Do?

Apart from the duties of employees to try hard to win the various corporate trophies, some also go to the shoulders of corporations to encourage the employees to take an interest in winning the race for trophies.

If corporates buy appropriate trophies relevant to the purposes behind it, employees will get more inspirations and motivations to jump in the race. Olympia is an excellent destination to purchase high-quality corporate trophies in Australia with perfect guidance to exploit maximum benefits out of the investment. Let’s talk about it.