It is time to get to the root of the question: New Yorkers don’t like to be the car owners, especially if they live in Manhattan. It’s really too expensive to own a car here because of parking and storing problems. The price for parking can be about $300-1000 monthly. Besides, public transport is not good here, in Manhattan. Speaking about taxi, they are probably the most popular kind of public transport. Bright yellows cabs are a visiting card of NY. Do New Yorkers use taxi only? Want to feel like a local in a big city? Then GO and rent a car at 14CARS.

Don’t be surprised! New York citizens don’t own a car and this is a fact. But every time they need to go out for holidays or get to the office or home, they prefer rent a car. Of course, the prices are moving up on holidays! Besides, locals know everything about how to get the best car rental proposal. So, if you have a plan to come to New York for weekend, try to read everything about car rental rules to be ready.

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Move around the city to get the most attractive car offer

Looking for a hotel in Manhattan you will face prices that are higher than somewhere else in the city. The same is about car rental. The cheapest prices you will find in New Jersey. If you want to get to a place somewhere near the Fort Lee or even farther, you should take New Jersey transit. To compare, in Manhattan you will pay around $130 per day at a time when you will be asked about $40 daily in New Jersey. On weekday the prices go down. Planning to rent a car outside the city you should learn about their working hours. As a rule, urban rentals don’t work till late and on Sundays.

Try different rental car option to choose the best one

The most popular rental companies for New Yorkers are Avis, Hertz, Budget, Alamo and others. Believe it or not but locals use rental services almost every day. It becomes popular to rent a car for an hour or few hours. If you need to transport your stuff from one place to another, you may rent a car. If you need to visit your friend in New Jersey or somewhere where transportation is not well developed, you may rent a car. Pay attention to ZipCar for taking short excursions around the city and outside. Taking car for an hour of two you’d better go to GetAround or Turo. You may use mobile booking app to compare prices and find the most attractive proposal.

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Pay beforehand to save some money

It is not a secret that every your trip must be well prepared. Plan your trip beforehand. That means you have to find a car and pay for it as much earlier as possible. That makes the price cheaper. As a rule, you get a big sale when you pay beforehand but it would be really hard to take your money back without penalty. Anyway, paying beforehand you have a chance to save about 20-30% from the total coast.

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Check for peak car rental season

Traveling to NY on weekend, you may have difficulties with a cheap car rental. The prices are higher than usual and the choice of cars is not big at all. If you are planning your visit to NY on a national holiday, there is no choice for you. Locals rent a car on holidays and go to the beach. The only possible variant is rent a car beforehand. It can be scaring to pay in advance as you can suddenly change your plans. So, why don’t you pick another time for a visit? You can get a desired car for the most preferable price then.

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Remember about car insurance

If you didin’t pay for the insurance you may have problems in a case of an accident or the car has been stolen. It is better to learn this question in details. You may ask for a consultation with your rental company to decide for sure. Are you going to risk? By the way, don’t be lazy to read the contract all to pieces.

Look for sales and use coupons

If you want to get a sale for car rental, you can get it just on the web! Use your mobile app to compare prices and find the cheapest one. There are often sales for big cars, for students and standing customers. Sometimes, it is enough to change the car that you picked before on to the bigger one to get a sale!

Anytime time when you travel to a big city like NYC, you should think of transportation but not the hotel only. If you really want to save some money and get fast to everywhere, try to do as the most of locals usually do. Car rental service can help and it is better to learn its special aspects.