Receiving spam on your mobile phone can be quite irritating. The internet really doesn’t care whether you are a social person or an introvert and will continue bothering you with all kind of spam. From emails to text messages and annoying phone calls- it certainly is an unnecessary source of stress for anyone owning a mobile device.

Spam comes in various forms. They could be push alert notification on your social media profile or any unknown spammer calling or texting you. Recently, many Vodaphone and Telstra subscribers complained of being subscribed to AirG chat services without their consent. It is a classic case of a third-party billing scam where a telecom company handles the billing for another organization. A user is unknowingly auto-subscribed to service by clicking on a website or any other suspicious link.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of apps designed especially to block all sorts of spam from popping up on your phone or tablet. Thankfully, you don’t have to browse through thousands of apps available online. We are going to share a list of our favorite apps that are effective and do a good job at keeping spam away:

1- Truecaller

One of the worst things about technology is that you are prone to many unwanted calls and messages. Not only does it get frustrating but also leaves you perplexed about how to deal with them on a regular basis. This is when Truecaller comes to the rescue.

Truecaller is probably one of the most popular calls blocking application. It has over 100 million installations and lets you block unwanted calls and texts. Simply install it, and it will allow you to block any caller manually. Create your own block list, and if the need arises, you can unblock them later too.

There is another app from the makers of Truecaller, and it’s known as a True messenger. This anti-spam app lets you block all incoming messages from unknown sources. It works on the same format like Truecaller and lets you report numbers as spam or malicious

The best part about installing this app is that it has an extensive list of span numbers that can warn other callers too. All in all, its a well-rounded and reliable app to avoid spam calls.

2- Whoscall

Whoscall is another popular app that can be used for caller ID identification and spam blocking. It has a vast database of more than 1 billion numbers from all over the world, giving it strong caller ID capabilities. The app helps you to identify spam and unknown IDs so you can block them. For those who have problems with their network connections, an offline database can be downloaded to solve your woes.

3- Hookt

Hookt is not essentially a scam fighting app, but it has been designed by AirG developers in such a way that you cannot fall victim to spam. It is a messaging and communication app that keeps your personal information away from the prying eyes of spammers. What’s more, it gives you the chance to talk to real people instead of fake ids, that is not very uncommon on other messaging apps. Plus, you have the authority to block any contact at any given time. With tons of positive reviews, Hookt is a genuine app that is not associated with AirG spam in any way.

4- Mailwasher

Your email inbox usually bears the brunt of spam emails. Mailwasher is an app that can help to diminish the number of junk emails in your inbox. Mailwasher helps you literally ‘wash’ spam instantly. It detects spam email even before you download your emails on your computer. Mailwasher also has an exciting feature where you can create a customized friend list so that all emails from known sources are safe leaving you with a clear idea of how many spam emails you are getting. To give the spammers a taste of their own medicine, bounce the emails back to the senders!

5- Avast mobile security

Avast is a great option to fight spam because it comes with the added benefit of an antivirus too. Avast secures your phone from all sorts of spams including unwanted privacy phishing, spyware, and infected files. What’s more, it also includes a malware scanner that scans your device regularly to point out any suspicious content. Avast mobile security suite also checks threats through external sources such as system vulnerabilities and your WiFi connection.

It’s an all in one package that contains tools as call blocker and app locking to keep your phone safe and spam free.

6- Hiya

Hiya is another great spam blocker app that is free and contains no ads. Doesn’t that sound great? It works almost like Truecaller and supports caller ID on all incoming calls, so you know which call to receive or not. Plus, it also offers SMS ID which works the same way. You can also permanently block all incoming calls and texts from spam sources.

The best part about installing this app is that you can hunt for the phone number of any registered business or organization. This app is available for both Android and iPhone users.


Technology can seem bothersome at times when your phone gets flooded by spam. But use the same technology to your advantage and protect your devices by installing these anti-spam apps. A clean and safe device will leave you feeling more protected and confident.

Do you use any anti-spam apps that help you deal with security risks on your devices? If yes, share your favorite apps with us in the comments below: