Baseball caps are a must if you are a baseball player. These protect your vision in bright sunlight and help you score better.

While utility may be the prime advantage of a general baseball cap, significance of a custom baseball cap, however, extends farther. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. A custom baseball cap helps you coordinate your team wear like a pro. You can play with colors and pick one/s that complement/s your team wear the best.
  2. These help in branding your team well by enabling you to add your team’s or club’s logo. When customizing your baseball cap, you can easily choose the option to add a logo and space for placing it.
  3. You can design your own baseball cap in 3D. These days, various manufacturers like Zapkam enable you to design your own sportswear in 3D.

Taking baton from that last advantage, we introduce you to this new age tool that helps you design your own sportswear. It is called a 3D Kit Designer and is offered for free online by Zapkam and a couple other manufacturers.

In the following part of this blog, we will discuss how you can use this 3D Kit Designer for designing your own personalized baseball caps. Our go-to manufacturer for this post is Zapkam, and almost all the steps you will find here are peculiar to this manufacturer.

Select Design Template

First, you would be requested to select the style or design template of your baseball cap. There are many options to choose from where each varies in a pattern.

Select Colour 

Next, you would be requested to select colors for elements of your chosen cap design. The best part about using a 3D Kit Designer for creating personalized sportswear is that you can choose almost any color under the sky.

Add Your Club’s Logo 

In the next step, you would be asked if you wish to add your club’s logo on your custom baseball cap. Should you choose to add your logo, you would be requested to choose between embroidery and print, followed by its placement, and finally uploading the file.

Add Your Team Members’ Numbers 

The 3D Kit Designer gives you an option to add individual team members’ numbers on the cap. Should you wish to add it, you would then be requested to choose between embroidery and print.

Add Your Team Members’ Initials 

There is an option for you to add individual team members’ initials on the cap. Again, if it is positive, you would receive the options of embroidering it or printing it.

Choose Quantity and Sizes 

The design process is now complete. All you need to do is select the quantity and size/s, and place the order.

As you see, designing your own baseball caps is extremely easy. With little efforts and lots of mixing and matching you can easily create your own baseball cap online using a 3D Kit Designer for free. What’s more? After you have placed the order, these custom baseball caps would be delivered to your doorstep. Isn’t this super-easy?