When we see moving companies in the media, their job seems straightforward. They get packed boxes and haul them to your destination. They drop off your boxes, and that is the end of it. There is an image of neglect and carelessness that has been the butt of cartoon and sitcom jokes for years. An unwatched moving van stands by while characters wreak havoc with the props found inside. From pillows to pianos, nothing comes out unscathed.

This media representation is a thing of fiction. Moving companies do more than just picking up and dropping off. Here is a list of services companies may have:

The removal of heavy furniture and appliances

The primary purpose of moving companies is to deal with heavy and bulky furniture. Besides transporting, companies also provide packing. Experienced movers know how to deal with pieces of all shapes and sizes. There are some who have experience with delicate items like grand pianos or a freestanding porcelain tub. Ask about their credentials, and you’ll find that there are movers who deal with moving these kinds of items on a commercial level as well.

They also have an option where they pack everything for you. This option isn’t without restrictions. Your items generally need to be sorted out. Their job comes in wrapping and packing your things.

Post removal clean-up

There are moving companies that provide post removal clean up. After you have everything covered in bubble wrap and boxes, there will be some aftermath. It could be the excess package materials you have or unwanted items. Removals in Cheltenham could be bigger than what you can handle. Post removal clean-up is not a part of the initial moving package, ask about it during the early assessment and find out how extensive their services can be.

The disposal of unwanted furniture

Since moving companies deal with all sorts of situations, their services can reflect common circumstances. An example would be moving from a larger home to a small apartment. Moving companies may provide disposal services for unwanted furniture and appliances. Like the point above, you should prearrange this with the company.

Temporary storage

Moving companies may have storage options for those who are staying at a friend’s place while sorting out the new house. This awkward time in between leaving your old home and moving into your new one is usually challenging to coordinate if your landlords work with different schedules. The temporary storage is an excellent way to house your items without crowding your friends or family during your week stay. The payment system works according to the company and can either be on a daily or weekly basis.

The transport of your items

Last, but not least, these companies transport your items. They provide the vehicles needed depending on how many things you have. Transferring within the town or outside the city is no problem with their heavy-duty lorries.

Moving companies do so much more than what we think they do.