A lot of the big lingerie brands around the world are receiving bad feedback about the methods they are choosing to advertise. The majority of brands are using models and marketing tactics that would appeal to men, rather than their actual shoppers, women. These brands are using models that don’t appeal to the realistic curves and appearance of their audience, and at the least aren’t showing a variety of body types to suit every consumer.

With that in mind, the growth of other lingerie brands is possible with the support of loyal customers who appreciate the brands unique selling point. Here’s a look at four lingerie brands that have a twist on the conventional.



A brand started in 2013 by a previous Google employee and her husband. The brand offers unique sized bras to suit every women’s needs. The bras that are causing a scene in the lingerie industry are also provided in half sizes. ThirdLove gives each of their potential customers a quiz to complete online which then tells the consumer the type of bra that will best suit their shape and working day. The questionnaire is thorough with the questions it asks, and has 75 million data points to help identify exactly what their customers require.


Les girls les boys

Where comfort and simplicity meet style. les girls les boys is a designer that offers a massive variety of simple styles, with their own creative flare in every garment. High waisted briefs in a vintage wash to delicate lace underwear can be found on the website which is ideal for looking good as well as feeling comfortable. Their choice of slim models wearing the womens designer underwear is also unique when compared to the other more conventional brands, you can see these women are both beautiful and unedited.


Luva Huva

A sustainable lingerie brand that is creating beautiful lingerie that is ethically conscious. Their underwear is made from organic bamboo, soy, hemp fabrics and recycled scraps that are all made in the UK. The brand prides themselves on creating feminine garments that women want to wear daily.


Lonely Label

An affordable designer that makes unconventional underwear that is created for women to love. Taking into account the natural curves of a woman’s body and how to show their features off in the right way is how the Lonely Label has become so popular.


There are dozens of different reasons to shop for different styles of designer lingerie whether you are looking for something you know your partner will enjoy or something that has high ethical morals, there is much more to underwear than the high street!